Feeling Trapped in a Twin Flame or Heart Connection

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Having received many questions and requests to bring forth helpful information from Source on a variety of topics, I’m being called to provide answers in such a way that will help people on a larger scale. Therefore, I am currently exploring better ways to relay Source information to those who desire it.

For now, I will begin a series of posts which are inspired by those questions, tuning into Higher Self Source connection for answers, choosing questions through inner guidance that will benefit people the most.

The following question is a really good one, which I have been asked many times (in different ways). Tuning into Source, I rephrased the question in a general way:

I am so torn between wanting to run away from my heart connection and yet being unable to. I feel stuck and trapped. This makes it nearly impossible to keep my vibrations high as I am in a constant stage of anxiety and fear. What can I do?

When your heart receives the catalytic call to open through one of these heart connections, the whole point is to uncover that which keeps you in darkness. It will expose all your fears and make you face them. The intense feeling of “between a rock and a hard place” is literally what helps you to shift. For you cannot stay in that position indefinitely. You MUST shift.

If it were not such an intense connection, you would run away and gladly put it behind you, looking for ways to recreate a situation which feels more comfortable for you. But that is not your Soul’s wish for you. Your soul’s wish for you is to STAY within that connection and do the work you need to do to get FREE of the programs which entrap you. That is why the attraction and heart calling is so strong for you. You cannot escape the emotions of it if you try. That doesn’t not mean “stay” attached to another person, seeing them as your savior, but it means “stay” with the heart connection you are experiencing, though he/she may be nowhere in physicality to you.

Therefore, the answer lies in the truth that there is no running from what the heart connection is trying to teach you. Your mind will try to take over and convince you of all kinds of stories. It will try make this connection about something other than what it is for. And it will create more fear and anxiety which you experience as “darkness.”

So, what can you do? Surrender to the Soul. Surrender to what the Soul wishes to teach. There is an acceptance that has to happen in order for you to be able to move forward. You must accept that everything is happening exactly as it supposed to for a reason. And, then you must realize you have NO IDEA what that reason is.

The mind chatter must stop. For it is the mind that creates the anxiety and fear around the situation. Telling you that you should control the situation. Telling you that you should understand the situation. Telling you that you should take CHARGE of the situation. Telling you that you should DO SOMETHING.

Everything the mind (ego) tells you is just a distraction from what the connection is for. And until you realize that the mind has no answers, you are trapped by it. And that is the experience of darkness or low vibration that can result from these connections.

So, how do you silence the mind? There are many ways to do this. But before you can do this, you must REALIZE that you are in your mind and be willing to get OUT of the mind and into the heart. The heart’s intelligence is so much more powerful and true. The heart will tell you truth. The mind (ego) will repeat stories to you that are not true and pull you off your path. This takes a willingness to LET GO of the mind stories. It must be done before you can literally silence the mind. And, this takes consciousness. Determination to see all the times you are in the MIND.

When you become conscious of this, then the true beautiful work can begin. You become an active participant in this process. When you are determined to not let the mind take over, there are all kinds of things you can do. But, first and foremost is the literal acceptance that everything is happening just the way it is supposed to. All of it! There is a tremendous power in that. And that it is ALWAYS for your highest good. And your highest good IS your happiness.

Oftentimes people think the “highest good” is for the soul and not the ego mind. Truth be told, the “highest good” is always your ultimate happiness and that would mean the happiness of your “ego mind” as well even if it does not appear so. Complete and utter joy does not exclude any part of your experience here in physicality. It is inclusive of all that you are. And that is what this ascension path is for. To enable you to experience the truth of Who You Are here and now in physicality.

So, what to do when the mind takes over? First is to realize it has. A good mantra to be used when this happens is, “I know what nothing means, including this.” It is a way of letting go of control and the programmed response of creating stories to explain what you think you are experiencing. The mind constantly looks for ways to explain what you think you are seeing. By realizing that you have no idea what any of this really means, you are in essence moving into your heart space and out of your mind space. Your heart is able to give you the understanding that the mind cannot. Because the Heart Intelligence understands all. It is connected to the “big picture.” It can give you flash insights into purpose which brings great comfort.

When you are in the comfortable knowing that all things are happening as they are supposed to, then you are able to focus on what is right in front of you, instead of transporting you into the past and into the future. That is what the mind wishes to do. Transport you out of the NOW. But the NOW is where all the peace and love is. It has always been held for you in the moment of NOW. It is the only place where you will find it. So, are you focused on your NOW?

Look to what is right in front of you NOW. Are you focused there? Or are you focused on some other place? Some other person? Some other time?

Go into your heart right now. Ask yourself. Am I focused right in the moment of NOW. That which is front of me? If not, then there is your answer. Look around you. How can you move into that which matters in your moment of NOW? By letting go of that which you cannot control with the mind. By accepting that all is in perfect alignment. By having great faith in this process. By having great faith in Source, All That Is, the Universe. YOU.

You will notice that your greatest joys come from when you are flowing in this moment of NOW without thought. It is what brings all the good things into your field. It is what creates the better moments of NOW. And NOW. And NOW.

This is the always answer to the chattering mind. And silencing that chatter is always the first step in raising your vibrations. Then you can use tools like “ho-oponpono” to clear negative patterns. You can go outside and listen to the sounds of nature and let your heart expand in higher vibrations. You can engage in activities that bring you great sense of peace. You can embrace those around you in your space of NOW without thought but only with love.

You will find this: Your heart connection will take care of itself. It will unfold as it supposed to. You will be on the fastest track to eliminating all the blocks you have to love and “becoming the change you wish to see in the world.” THIS is the true meaning of that expression. By living in the moment of NOW, you ARE the change. It is not DOING anything. It is BEING everything you truly are in each moment of NOW.

And so it is.

~Written with Love
Higher Source Guidance through
Debbie DuBois

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  1. Wow, just reading this I feel peace and stillness. Thank you, thank you so much. I’m am so grateful. God Bless you.

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