Twin Tree

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Today I got into nature and walked the nature trails at my new neighborhood. I woke up this morning troubled by something that had happened last night that had absolutely nothing to do with the twin soul path, but knew I had work to do today. Pulling a few cards to start my day, I was guided by the Green Man nature card. I knew nature was where I needed to be.

The beauty of the nature there really surprised me. I don’t know what I was expecting but I really did think it was going to be paved walking trail around a lake. Not so. It was a twisting and turning, pine needle covered pathway that dipped and turned. The sound of the cicadas was deafening at times and the still whisper of the trees were very calming.

There were steep hills and places where it would be easy to lose my footing if I was not careful so it required paying attention to what was right in front of me. I even found a few spots I could stop and meditate if I so chose. One beautiful spot reminded me of my favorite park where I could sit on huge rocks as a creek flowed by. I stopped and let the energy flow from my hands into the water. It was beautiful.

As I was on my way back from this walk, which by the way I felt accompanied by a very large angel named Michael, I heard very distinctly, “Stop when you get to the twin tree.” Of course, I was positive I was imagining it, but I heard, “You will know when you see it.” Well, curiosity got the best of me and I began search for the “twin tree” whatever that meant. I assumed it would be two trees together, which was like everywhere I looked. I was a bit amused thinking, they are ALL twin trees.

Once again, I heard, “You will know it when you see it.” And just as I heard that I stopped. In front of me were the two largest trunk trees I had seen yet on my walk. They were identical. I mean completely parallel to each other and the largest trunks I could see around me. I said, “WELL, this must be it.” And I laughed. But nothing prepared me as I was told to look down. I saw that the two trees grew out of one base. Perfectly. And, in that moment, I received a download of information.

I knew without a doubt that there is a twin soul path that is chosen. Not by everyone, but by those who came to teach certain things to the world. Not everyone came to teach and learn the same things. But twins came to teach togetherness and separateness. Born of the same base, they stretch themselves upward to higher perspectives, equal in their stature and nature, stretching to the sky in amazing beauty. Together, but individually. Neither resting on the other for support. Towering branches of loving shade those who would come near. The roots run very deep with these two who are as ONE.

No neediness, no dependency, no struggle. Just co-existing as one in two separate bodies with no needs to see it otherwise. They are not separate from the forest of which they are a part. They are one fragment of the Whole and no more special than any other.

The same Source nourishing both, mother earth in this lifetime, providing everything that each need in this time space. And they providing an incredible stability to the areas in which they stand, each in their individual moments of NOW. The beauty and simplicity of it was something I will never forget.
Who was that voice who spoke to me? Who was it that told me to look for the twin tree that I was certain I was not going to find? My guidance Source. Reminding me that this earth concept exists in this construct and to trust it. Unless ones experiences the twin soul path, they cannot know the strength of the twin tree.

~Written with Love by Debbie DuBois

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