Vibrational Differences within Unity Consciousness

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An interesting thing happened to me tonight which showed me something I feel guided to share. It’s a topic that has come up before about people believing they are not as far along spiritually as others. A few people have mentioned to me that lately that they worry they are not keeping up with others in terms of unity consciousness on their ascension path…

I wanted to share something that happened to me tonight along these lines. And, it had to do with a video Keleena Malnar and I did together. I realized afterward that I was triggered to clear something huge for me personally, but I also realize it is not uncommon in our lightworker communities to feel that we are not “keeping up with the Jones.” Or maybe to believe that we are more spiritually advanced than those around us. Or maybe we put certain people on pedestals as we follow them to find our way. Either way, it is common for humans to compare themselves with others. THAT is also part of this ascension process and we are shifting it.

On Keleena’s YouTube channel, someone (obviously a die-hard fan of hers) really slammed me for not being her vibration. They did not want to watch the video because they did not care for my vibration at all. It was not a prize moment for me and I will admit that I was triggered immensely and hurt by it. But, I did allow my feelings to surface and did what I typically advise others to do. I asked myself “what I must believe about myself for this to be true?” My answer was not rocket science. “I feel like I’m not as spiritually advanced as Keleena.” And then I asked myself, “Is that belief really true?” The answer I received from my own knowing helped me instantly drop the folly. I had to say that while I may not have the same skills and abilities she does, I have my very own special role to play and there is a reason we have different vibrations. THAT is why GOD/SOURCE came in more than one body!! We are ALL different vibrations. And it is a good thing.

I AM a different vibration than Keleena and I am NOT going resonate with everybody. And SHE is not going to resonate with everyone. THAT is why we are on mission TOGETHER. All of us are here as a mesh, a weave of the ONE so that we can help each other along the path. Keleena and I help each other on this path. We are very different and the best of friends. And that is WHY we came here on this path at this time. To share what we see in different ways. We download such similar information but from unique perspectives.

It did not take me all of 10 minutes to realize the truth. SUCH CAN BE THE SIMPLICITY OF CLEARING AND MOVING ON. Try that technique above…What must I believe about myself for this to be true? You will make HUGE headway on your false belief systems.

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Thanks for allowing me to share this with you <3 We are all in this together and we ALL have triggers to release for the all. Be encouraged! We are doing a great job ALL OF US!

~With much love and light

Debbie DuBois

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