Dealing with Twin Flame Jealousy

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Twin flame jealousy has so many different flavors, to address them all in one writing will be impossible. But, what we must understand, is that any form of jealousy keeps us from experiencing love in its truest form. For jealousy is the opposite of love. When we experience jealousy in any variety or form, we cannot know our authentic Selves. For our authentic Selves see from a higher perspective than that. In our Authenticity, we do not need to be the center of anyone’s attention, nor do we see our Selves lacking in any way. We see only perfection in All Things.

Countless twins have brought up the subject of jealousy to me recently as they are currently undergoing the purging and releasing of this very destructive energy. Having released this awhile back, I realized that many others have not. Make no mistakes, this energy is system wide, carried by both feminine and masculine beings. During this time space of awakening we are being asked to look at this destructive force and rid ourselves of it for good. It is a state of being that asks us to be “separate from another” and spotlights their separateness from us, which is contrary to the reality of Oneness. During this work, be aware that even whilst we work to rid ourselves of it, there are deeper and deeper levels of jealousy that need to be addressed, so releasing often occurs over a long period of time through a series of purges.

Releasing jealousy requires us to experience the state of being jealous, therefore, being triggered by our beloved or anyone at all it actually part of the releasing process. We are simply calling forth by them, emotions that we need to address within ourselves. And, if we find ourselves in situations where our “Other” is calling forth this energy, they are doing so in great service to us.

Sometimes we might interpret this as an attack, if in fact there are circumstances which would typically be considered legitimate reasons to feel jealous. But, if we did not have that element within us, it could not be called forth at all, no matter what they did. Often the circumstances which call forth jealousy are ones the Other needs to experience for their own growth, and it simultaneously means we have to do our work to release it. And other times, jealousy is unwarranted altogether. But if that jealousy monster is inside, it matters not if there is just cause to feel it. It will appear to make itself known. And it must be dealt with for once and for all!

Understand that one of the reasons a sacred heart connection happens is to bring forth those elements within us that need to be released and healed. The connection as we experience it is only a reflection that which is inside of us. When we shift what is inside—our beliefs and programs—our reality cannot help but shift. Let that be the incentive to tackle these very unhelpful elements. Once we conquer and release these programs and patterns, our reality proves that they are gone as we no longer can be triggered on those patterns. This is because we are constantly creating our reality based on our thoughts, feelings, actions and words. And when they no longer exist, guess what? Neither will the jealousy.

We wish to speak now of jealousy specifically in the sacred heart connection for it has special purpose. When the “two who are one” clear jealousy it is for the collective. Jealousy is a very controlling, pervasive energy that has been “manufactured” shall we say for a purpose. It literally keeps people apart, energetically pushing them to see distance where there is none. And that has helped create the “separateness” that has been part of the “experiment.”

Instinctively, those who came here to spearhead the shifts from within the matrix, know this energy is something not desired to be experienced. And many married into relationships where the love for the other person was not so intense so that jealousy would be not be experienced. Also on this side of the veil, one could remember the oneness that goes along with a lack of jealousy. One of the many reasons most experienced this type of marriage prior to meeting a catalyst or twin is so that we would have experience of how comfortable it feels to NOT be jealous. To relax into “security” from that standpoint.

By releasing states of jealousy, we are able to stand in our own power more. We are able to let go of the other person and move into our authentic being, following the path our soul wishes for us without distraction. Jealousy is a state of being which distracts us from our path and journey. It keeps us worrying and fretting about the other person is doing and stops us from enjoying our sacred space. So doesn’t it make sense that many of us who came in for the sacred heart connection path, married spouses who would not “distract” us from our path? And, recently, many of us have realized this fact. We married or partnered with people who do not trigger jealousy so as we could do what we came here to do, our missions unhindered.

It is interesting that while partnering with someone and gaining that state of non-jealousy, we simultaneously continued our search—albeit not always consciously—for the ONE that we had always been looking for. Most of us on the sacred heart path, even though settling into marriage, never stopped looking and hoping we would find or reconnect with the ONE true connection we know exists. And upon reflection—as many of these marriages are now breaking up—and as many have literally stumbled into higher sacred connections, we end up re-discovering in some aspect of the jealousy piece. One that has to be faced and dealt with. For most of us forgot that energy for a long time as it was not called forth in us by our karmic partners.

So, with that “jealousy” button pressed in any flavor, how is it released?

By going into the heart center. The answers to the connection we have with any person are in our knowing. We KNOW inside of ourselves the depth of our connection. When we know this heart connection and call it forth into our heart space, there is no room in that moment for jealous thoughts. Because the heart intelligence does not know jealousy. It only knows loving connection and truth. And, what it must know is that all things are in perfect order no matter what.

The heart knows that we are all One. The heart knows that in Truth, there is no “special love” and that all love is just LOVE. But to the human mind, and the programming put into the matrix, there should only be one-on-one love. And when we ask ourselves the question, are we able to only love one person? The answer is almost always, “of course not!” But when sexuality is involved, or romantic ideas of love, we often wish to be the center of another’s universe. Sometimes we actually believe we ARE the center of the person’s Universe in order to stave off the worry that they might find another worthier than we are. Either way, with the false programming, we must learn to love ourselves and learn to let go during triggering experiences to let things unfold and show us TRUTH.

There may be cases where there are other partners involved with the Beloved and he/she is actually in a physical relationship with another person. On the other hand, there may be cases where we worry our Beloved is interested in another person for no real reason. There are all kinds of ways that we are able to be triggered into jealousy—whether justified or not. If we allow that energy to stay, then we have justified that jealousy is normal. Contrary to what we have been taught through what we see on the “big screen” jealousy is NOT natural to our state of being. And, until we spend time allowing ourselves to feel that jealousy and then go into our heart center out of choice and release that emotion or feeling, we will continue to repeat the program.

When we do, we begin to find that we no longer act out of jealousy (if we ever did). We find that we can control our actions that are based on those feelings and that is a good beginning. That is a great first step which makes it more possible to go into our heart center and know the connection. After all, it is virtually impossible to go into our heart center when we are triggered. When we are triggered, there are energy charges around what triggers us, often caused from other lifetimes or even traumatic experiences in THIS incarnation. And, they need to be released and let go.

Using a technique like ho’oponopono is a wonderful way to discharge those destructive energies. Ho’oponopono is a clearing technique which can be researched online which has proven successful in clearing negative energy patterns, but there are others. Each person much find that clearing technique which works best for them. Ho’oponopono is simple, easy to remember and works for many.

Once we clear the jealousy energy, then we are more likely to be able to go into our heart center and feel the connection we have with the Beloved. When you still yourself in the moment of now, you will know your connection and it will begin to develop a new level of peace within. This process will most likely be taking place simultaneously and alongside our process of releasing on all things that get in the way of loving ourselves. The whole entire sacred heart clearing process is leading us into remembering and stepping into our Authentic Being. It is one which helps us removing all blocks we have to love built up over the course of our existence in physicality. Jealousy is merely ONE of them, but often one of the deepest to address and eliminate. Approaching jealousy in much the same manner as all other blocks will be most helpful.

Real heart centered, powerful love requires us to know our true inner beauty and to respect the needs of another’s soul. All souls require different experiences for their growth. If the growth of our Beloved requires relationship of any kind with another, we must find it within ourselves to eliminate the feelings of jealousy so that those feelings no longer have control over us or cause temporary damage to our connections. Also, if there is unwarranted jealousy because we want to be the center of one’s Universe, we must learn to grow into a higher version of ourselves where we are the center of our OWN Universe and meet our own needs first. Only then are we ready to meet at the depth of Union with another that we would choose to experience. Essentially we are each our own “home.”

~Written by Debbie Saffer DuBois, Source Transmission
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9 Comments on “Dealing with Twin Flame Jealousy”

    1. Emily monogamy is a choice. You should not feel that you have to make another choice. So long as both choose the same there should be nothing you HAVE to accept in non-monogamy. I guess I wonder where that comes from in this article? I’d be happy to address it…Not sure it’s here in this article. Maybe you read another article? 😉

      1. debbie, i think this was renaming from a point in the article where i too was triggered which is that if our beloved requires a relationship to grow that we must accept this. Questions like “if he’s my beloved and i’m giving him my heart now, how could divine timing dictate that he still has others to potentially share his energy with others, and what is union truly if not full
        unencimbered devotion?

  1. So very, very helpful and so interesting to learn.

    I struggle with this.

    Think it’s because as a child I always witnessed my mum accusing my dad of infidelity so it is deeply ingrained.

    It’s really coming to ahead now as I’ve met my twin (finally…..)

    Would love to read the article on monogamy…

    1. standbyme, you are right. Monogamy is very very programmed in most of society and I myself ascribe to it. However, I have become enlightened to other ways to see connection and it makes it easier for me to break down these programs in myself. I have not yet written an article on monogamy, but I think it is a great topic idea. This is the type of topics we will be discussing on my new platform. It launches January 11 and is quite reasonable, providing all kinds of support on this path. You might want to check it out. in the meantime, I will seriously consider writing something about monogamy! Thank you for commenting and I hope to chat with you again!

  2. Today. I feel got renewed. Once I practice forgiveness for myself all my problems are solved. I feel loved. I always wanted 10 min of your alone time but today I feel nothing is needed. I completely trust you. From deep of my heart I say I am ready. I feel your love for me. So much effort for my sake. It’s not the fear of losing, it’s not even regarding commitments or expectations. Pls forgive me my dear. For all the pain you (we) faced. My love towards you got renewed now. The feel that you are not there for me gave this enlightment. I can’t imagine this world without the love I feel for you. Pls don’t misunderstand for anything. Purely no expectation. I can do anything for you. My old love got renewed. I don’t want to disappoint you anymore and get disappointed anymore. Now I don’t have any specific needs or wishes. Whatever is your wish I take it as mine. Because It is beyond my thinking. I will call you this month end. Nothing is going to make me upset. Now I am a happy person I got my complete love feel. I got my inner peace. I am not lying. Trust me. Pls don’t misunderstand. This is completely nil expectation. And complete surrendering whatever you say I listen even if you want me to stay away from you. I’ll do.

    I love you

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