Following Your Highest Excitement and Passion

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highest excitement and passion

Many times I have ideas about what I am going to write about. Right now, I have a list of a fifty things I’d like to write about. But as things would have it, when you follow your highest excitement and passion, you have to be willing to let it all go and say “so much for the best laid plans.”

So, here I find myself unexpectantly writing about something that has been waiting to be written. THAT is the reason for this post. And why it relates to the unfolding path that we find ourselves on. And, what IS the reason for this path, ultimately? Many of you would say that Union is your passion. Union is your highest excitement, which totally substantiates the time you spend on Facebook or talking with each other or getting readings, etc. And you would be RIGHT. But, as you go along this path, you begin to realize that your highest excitement and passion begins to shift and change.

You may start out feeling a need to share your path, reach out to others to compare notes. However, with time, as you learn more and more about the dynamics of this spiritual path, you begin to find new meaning and new purpose for your highest excitement and passion. In most cases it leads you to even higher levels of passion and excitment as you find out why you came here, as you start to EXPLORE your reason for being here at this time.

In fact, I can almost guarantee that your happiness and your ability to manage how you feel about your state of “Union” is directly related to knowing your purpose for being here on the planet at this time. Those of you that know why you are here, or have the highest excitement and passion on a particular mission, are probably handling this catalytic heart connection much better than those who don’t. Why is that? Well, because once you discover what that highest excitement and passion is all about, you MUST do it. You cannot NOT do it. No matter how much the Universe (whoever that person or group of persons are to you) try to tell you not to. Or, that it is not important because it doesn’t “mean anything” in this world. Well guess what. When you are following your highest excitement and passion you don’t give a rats ass what ANYBODY thinks. Most definitely not that “other person”! Which actually places you firmly on the path to having the byproduct of wholeness–sacred union–if it is what you wish!

I know that the other night when I did my Facebook Live, I was never more in my highest excitement and passion. And, now, I simply MUST do the things I’m called to do. I can do no other thing if I don’t follow that path. For example, I put myself out there with developing a platform that I can only trust that someone wants or needs. I KNOW, however, that building it was following my highest excitement and passion. And I stepped forward to do it because I had NO OTHER CHOICE. It was something my SOUL was calling to do. And I followed it. And as I move the platform forward and continue to develop it, I remind myself constantly to trust my soul.

It’s been very challenging following this path sometimes. Being a web designer, my more masculine mind tells me to spend time focusing on making a living do that. But even though I do enjoy web design tremendously, my highest excitement and passion is when I connect with other channeling through higher truth. Connecting with my Higher Aspect in real world situations with people who are looking to understand their highest truth. The need to make a living, however, is part of actually becoming whole. Translating what we are passionate about into a viable path so that we can still be financially independent and continue to follow our highest path. Otherwise we stay locked in financially comfortable positions which don’t always support our highest passions, whether that be jobs OR relationships. It matters not. We MUST find ways to be WHOLE.

Well as things would have it, I started listening to something my friend John forwarded me about Bashar last night. I started listening tonight and there was a part that was SO relevant here to our path that I stopped everything and transcribed the part I knew everyone needed to hear. MOSTLY MYSELF. But you are all ME and I know we are on this path together so I just had to do this for the many. Not just for me. So here it is.

I transcribed a piece of video clip from Darryl Anka’s interview with Awakened and Empowered TV with host Ethann Fox. I will also include details so you can listen to this highest relevant YouTube video which will expose you more to the man that is an aspect of Bashar and what the teachings of Bashar are for. In the meantime, I am sure this extract will mean something to you too!

I have edited the information slightly just to bring it in a concise written form without any intension of changing any meaning. It was just enough tweaking to tighten it up for your reading pleasure:

“Concepts cannot be left in the atmosphere. THEY MUST BE ABLE TO BE APPLIED. AND, a RESULT has to come from them.

“It is very important for all of us to follow our passion in life and to act on our highest excitement. The way he (Bashar) explains it is this. That experience–that sensation itself of what we call excitement and passion–is our body’s physical translation of our true core frequency for each individual. So, things that we are passionate about, we are passionate about for a REASON. Because THAT is our path of least resistance. That is our compass needle pointing to our magnetic north. And by ACTING on those things to the best we are able to act on them– but with the caveat that we cannot insist on what the outcome is going to look like–is actually delivering on those three principals.

“Acting on your passion to the best you are able with no instance on a particular outcome is actually delivering a tool, a formula for how reality works. How we create our physical experience in reality. It’s not just a philosophy. He is actually delivering an instruction manual for the structure of existance. This instruction manual outlines how we can use that structure–that machine–more consciously in order to create the reality we prefer.

“So he is giving us formulas. He’s giving us an actual tool kit. He’s giving us an actual instruction manual. And he explains that in great detail as to how it works. Because he wants us to understand that we have the ability to understand this. And it’s not that mysterious. He literally gives us instructions that are like operating an automobile. That precise.”

–Darryl Anka, channel for Bashar

The full length video can be found here:

If you have never heard of Bashar, I cannot recommend checking out his works enough as the information that is brought through Bashar is universal and impacts all of us here on the planet that are going through ascension! I have enjoyed exploring his information so much!!

In fact, I realized as I listened to his interview that what I do is quite similar to what he does. The biggest difference is that he relates specifically to one aspect of himself who connects with him specifically as an actualy aspect. In my case, I do similar work but I feel I am connecting to a more Universal piece of myself. But who knows? Maybe I am very much connected with one of my other aspects who I have not really tuned into enough to know what part of existance it is part of! Anyway, it’s fun to explore and I hope this helps you see how important following your highest excitment and passion is in all of this path!

Written with much love!


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