Don’t get STUCK in Crazy Heart Connection Energies!

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It is TRUE. I have delved into serious soul work over the past couple of years relating to heart connection, identifying and releasing programs and false belief systems–yes more “stuff” that stood between me and my highest ability to connect with Higher Self and All That Is. The many integrations I have made as I “unpack” this knowledge on heart connection energies and re-examined what I already know, has liberated me to an even greater degree than I have known to this point. For each and every time we release what we’ve held onto—both that which we perceive as good and bad—we become more open to new vista of experience and understanding. And the more UNSTUCK we become.

This leads me to the topic for this article, which is actually where we are at in the current energies. And that topic is about the souls who have been reaching out to tell me (and others in groups) that they feel “stuck” in their catalytic heart awakening path. While many of us all have been moving swiftly through this process, others are having a really hard time. And, I wanted to reassure the collective of you who feel this way that this is most likely simply due to each Soul’s particular timing. Be assured, if you feel this is you, you are doing fine! You WILL get through this. You ARE moving through this. You might just need little boosts along the way. And that is NORMAL!

Many of us who have been moving forward and progressing nicely on our soul’s progression have seen a resurgence of the “old crazies” we used to get on the path. For some reason the heart connection energies have intensified over the past couple of week. And I do believe it is due to the acceleration of the masculine’s push to shift. The energies are taking their toll as we are all one big collective remember! But, on the whole though there is a BIG difference for what used to pass as crazies and now! So, while more and more people are letting go of their programs and beliefs one at a time, becoming clearer and clearer, the energies have kicked it up a notch. This may account for some people really feeling they are “stuck” who do not realize how far they have actually come!

The big difference is in the amount of time it takes to move something and move out of it. Also, we seem to be stronger. What once might devastate us for a week, is now causing us a bit of anger for one or two minutes and we set it aside because it’s just not worth the hassle. The problem is, there is an acceleration of these things triggering us, so it feels like we are triggered frequently but they are typically short lived. And, THAT is different!

I do believe, however, there are a good number of people that are truly struggling so I do not wish to minimize it. I wish to address it. If you are feeling pain in this catalytic heart awakening then it may be time to learn that it doesn’t have to hurt. There is a definite part to this process during which un-attaching becomes necessary. We have to really consciously decide that we are done with the pain. Done with the longing for what WAS. Done with the focusing on the past connection, while it is apparent that at least for now, the connection is no longer the same as it was. Those who are holding onto to what “was” seem to be the people who are suffering the most. And, I get it! I totally understand. What was could have been amazing, and what is now kinda sucks! That is because we are not through all the shifts and changes yet. THAT is for sure!

For people who have had such a truly heart awakening connection, can and do find themselves haunted by the past experience. Many of you have had years go by and they cannot seem to forget this person or stop feeling the pain of the connection.

For these people, if your heart connection is like this, there is only one answer. And that is letting go and trying to live in the moment of NOW. And while it is true that you MAY be feeling the other person and the work they are doing which can affect you for sure, it is most important to focus on NOW instead of the past. Because the only way to the future is through NOW. And I would like to say that each and every one of you who feels they are alone right now, or that is not in union or connection with their sacred partner, you must go through this process to BE there. And if you are not focused on your NOW, then you are keeping yourself in a STUCK state from which you delay the process.

I do not judge anyone’s sacred partnership and do not label any of them twins or not twins. I just know that in order to reach the new sacred partnership, we cannot stay stuck living in the past or in our belief systems. And the energy alignments are making it almost impossible to stay stuck, which is why so many people are feeling the very painful push to MOVE out of the STUCK. When something becomes so painful, you MUST do something. And that I believe the current energies are dishing up.

It is that energy which is pushing most of the masculine energies to shift. It is becoming so difficult to stay out of alignment with our soul’s intentions. And, to the degree we experience stress from it all, either in negative emotions like sadness or frenetic energies like craziness, is the degree we are still holding onto the OLD energies. The old templated relationships. The old expectations of what should be. The old experiences that we had in the past, even if they were blissful.

The energies are asking us all to MOVE FORWARD. And we do that by letting go of the past entirely and not looking to any future. JUST living in the NOW. And using this moment of now to bring forth higher vibrations for ourselves and for those around us.

If you feel you are stuck, I’d like to ask you to DO something right now. DO something that makes you feel joy. Take control of your moments of NOW. Decide to focus your energies and attentions on things that you love. GET busy with what calls to you for creative expression. Get involved in that project to save a horse’s life, or feed the homeless, or create a new business, or learn to play an instrument, or take acting lessons. Whatever it is that you feel in your heart is something that calls to you DO THAT NOW.

It’s so important for each of us to keep plowing through these very challenging energies and not get STUCK there wallowing in what could have been, or what might be. Even when we feel the tug of our beloved, we need to smile and trust the Universe. They are moving on their path as well. They are going through whatever it is they must go through. And all kinds of surprises await. But nothing can happen in the NOW if we are busy thinking about the way it was. Or the way we wish it could be.

And for those of you who have been very much in your own power and doing your own thing, don’t put up walls either. Don’t focus so much on being so strong that you put up blocks. It’s easy to do! Remember that we create distance by our thoughts. If we feel separate and want to make the other person feel the separateness to ease our separate, we are creating separation from ourselves. We can easily find ourselves putting distance between us and our beloveds without realizing it! So, as we focus our attention and energies in our NOW moments, creating all kinds of amazing things, keep your heart open. Send love to your beloved and to the world. Let the YOUniverse know that you trust it to deliver a vibrational match to you in all things. NOW and in any future moments of now.

KEEP GOING. You got this! We all have got this!

~Written with love by Debbie Saffer DuBois


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2 Comments on “Don’t get STUCK in Crazy Heart Connection Energies!”

  1. I love how every time I read your blog posts, they are so in line with my conversations with friends and my life in general! Definitely in synch for sure.

    And I loved how you reminded people not to put up walls if you are already centered and in power.

    I would also add that to the ones who are struggling. It is definitely a balance. However, do what you are called to do when you are called to do it. If your soul intuitively says reach out, reach out and if it says not to, then don’t. Just try not to be too far on one side and not on the other. Balance!

    Yay Debbie! Definitely feeling inspired after reading this.

    1. I am so glad to hear that. I am pretty sure that I’m tapping into the collective these days!! We all seems to be really on the same path, which is sooo encouraging if you think of it. We are not in this alone. And we ARE going somewhere very satisfying! <3 Much love Rachel...

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