DM on the MOVE. Tarot Reading for Divine Masculine Twin Flames

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divine masculine

The cards are clear this reading for Divine Masculine Twin Flames that DM is starting to make things happen. This tarot reading gave me the opportunity to express in words what the energies have been screaming to me since the full moon at the beginning of this month… The divine masculine is finally truly aware of the desire for connection … Read More

Creating Her Twin Flame Union. Tarot Reading for Divine Feminine

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twin flame union

This reading is extremely powerful and in full support of all the energies I have been receiving from Source and through experience myself and with other divine femine. It completely confirms my own knowing as all the cards fall completely in line with the main theme: Divine Feminine creates her twin flame union. So exciting that we are moving so … Read More

Creating Your Union Quantum Tarot Reading – FB LIVE on Twin Flames Divine

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As I was launching my TSU Portal at the 1-11-18 portal, I did a live quantum tarot reading for members of three different Facebook groups. And, later as I was watching and responding to comments for the videos, something was revealed to me. My card readings are quantum and not just given for one person. They are given to all … Read More

URGENT Tarot Reading Message (Video) for TF Divine Feminine 12-29-17

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When spirit almost yells at me to record a “system wide” tarot reading after I pull cards, I’m going to listen! I could not believe how important these cards felt when I pulled them for myself two nights ago. The passion with which the energy is delivered to me during this tarot reading was profound. And what is very strange … Read More

Tarot Reading and Monthly Energy Report for Twin Flames DF/DM

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In this December Tarot Reading and Energy Report, we are taking more of a quantum approach to presenting information. And, though this video has been uploaded at a specific time-space, this video is not only for this specific time period. Yes, there some references to the period of time-space we are currently in, but information brought through is intended to … Read More

Be The Change Lightworkers and Twin Souls

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Be the change Lightworkers & twin souls

What has changed as we move into higher vibrational frequency? More and more it becomes impossible to remain in lower vibrational frequency. For the lower vibrations are very uncomfortable for one who has tasted the higher ones consciously. As lightworkers & twin souls, if you’ve doing a lot of personal clearing and worked very hard to remove the blocks to … Read More

Twin Flame Phenomenon w/ Keleena Malnar

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On the twin flame/ twin soul path into wholeness, I have continually explored the twin flame phenomenon from my own perspective over the past four years. In this video interview with special guest, Keleena Malnar, together we delve deeper into this journey and uncover some intriguing information, which comes through her about twin flames. We believe this information being brought … Read More