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You know, when you really experience being your true authentic self, it is amazing! The joy that comes spilling from your heart cannot be measured or quantified…it is limitless and expanding.
Yesterday I had the great joy of discovering an app on my phone that allows me to do something I LOVE to do. SING. Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer. Always involved in chorus and music theatre, I spend many hours putting on shows our the backyard. My “singing” idiols were Laurie Patridge (haha) and Barbara Streisand. I also loved Fiddler on the Roof songs! I would sing songs for hours and hours on end. 
Of course, as a grew up I knew I had to do something with myself to make a living and no way was singing going to be it. Of course, I never stopped singing in the car, and even took some voice lessons over the years for fun. But I knew it was something that was only a hobby. When karaoke came around, the family got a machine at home. Again, I would spend hours trying to find songs that I enjoyed singing. I found it a bit of a battle because there just were not enough “disks” that suited my voice. And, as far as singing live, I just didn’t feel the need to get up in front of a bunch of people anymore, so I never brought myself to do it. 
Enter Smule yesterday afternoon. Not even sure how I got this app on my phone. But, I was messing around with it and started singing one of my favorite karaoke songs, “Part of my World” from Aladdin. I just looked into the camera and sang for the fun of it. I honestly didn’t care that much if I even hit the notes–just laid on the couch and sang. No headphones or anything.
When I was finished I went to play it back and was shocked to hear the sound! The app had added a voice effect that had masked my somewhat off tone voice and turned my voice into something I actually thought was not “half-bad.” I played it for my family and that sat and listened with smiles on their faces. I was hooked hahahaha!!
Then I proceeded to get my headphones on and found another song and then another. By the end of the night I had recorded 6 different songs. I didn’t not fix my hair or make up or anything else. I did not edit myself. I just allowed myself to do what I love to do…SING. And of course having some experience doing videos for my groups, I was comfortable with the video camera. Basically I didn’t do this for anybody else. I just did it because I LOVE TO DO IT!! And I didn’t care what any body else thought. I did it for ME <3.
After spending some time listening to my recordings, I decided I wanted to write this article and post at least one. I only do it to show you all what you can do from your heart! I am not doing it to seek likes or attention. I do it to prove to myself, “I really don’t care what anyone else thinks!” I LOVE to sing and I wanted to show you all that you can be your authentic you. Just do it!! Do whatever you love to do and do it for fun! For the joy of it! For your heart and soul’s pleasure. This is how we raise the vibrational frequencies on the planet. ONE SONG AT A TIME 🙂
Much love my friends…please go do something you love to do and share it here below if you’d like. I’d love to hear what you have been discovering a love for…

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