The Germination of Divine Creative Expression

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So you have done a good bit of clearing of counter-productive programs. How can you tell that is so? You experience fewer triggers. When you are triggered, it doesn’t take you long to get back to center because you have learned how to “let go” easily. Once you’ve learned that, you are more easily able to get into your flow. You also begin to spend less time processing and more time engrossed in experiences you enjoy. You begin to feel the soul’s pull to really take a look at your life and what is right in front of you. Things that are out of alignment with your soul’s purpose start to become very apparent. Old relationships and friendships which are not in alignment with your soul’s purpose start to move away from you, no matter how you might want to hold on. It just doesn’t feel right anymore and you just cannot stay in situations that do not resonate with you. That’s when you know you are about to germinate your divine creative expression.

You begin to look at your environment. You feel the need to make changes which feel right to you. This is also creative expression in some respects in that you begin to want to create the physical reality which matches your vibrational resonance. And, it happens almost automatically because there are no counterproductive programs which are standing in the way. You don’t hold beliefs anymore that make you do things which are no longer in your best interest. You don’t feel the need to stay in relationships that are not good for either parties because you have a voice telling you what society expects of you. You know what your soul’s desire is.

And one of the really exciting parts of this process as you get closer and closer to your unique divine creative expression of self is that you begin to do what you came here to do. All those hidden away talents, skills and abilities start coming out to play. They call to you, whispering the joy felt as the child when you spent hours and hours using some of these talents in all kinds of ways.

With our minds, we cannot always see how things we did as a child are translated in the adult world. But a child who enjoyed putting on shows for other people to music is expressing more than just the desire to be in “show business.” There are all kinds of skills that come into play. Greeting people that show up, exchanging their tickets for money, the hours of rehearsal and designing choreography for the songs, passing out popcorn and lemonade and mingling with friends after the show are all part of the experience of play for the child. And all those things translate into a form of creative expression in service here on the planet.

From a creative expression standpoint, when you craft a vocation which encompasses all the real talents, skills and abilities you came in with and loved to express as a child, your work becomes play. And when you have no counterproductive programming which tells you that you are unworthy, you can flow abundance to you in all the forms you need as tools to do what you love. And you find ways by your very nature to serve others doing what you love. Therefore, there is no longer a work factor involved. There is only divine creative expression, and you long to do it from the moment you wake up, until the moment you go to sleep at night. Your life becomes creative expression.

What’s even more exciting—if that is not enough—is that you draw to you other people who you collaborate with to either work with you in your divine creative expression OR who you will serve with your form of play! And the medium of exchange is energy, which can be felt in many more way that just money but at this time on earth, YES MONEY. Money is truly only an exchange of energy. And though the form of money is the exchange most of us need just to put a roof over our head and food in our mouths, sometimes that IS what you are given in exchange. THAT is abundance!

Now what if you’re here as a twin or on the path of sacred union? The true path to sacred union with your twin or another of like vibration will most likely involve creative expression of some kind. For two who come in on that path usually come in with the same soul goal. And during this period in the arc of time, during the ascension process, sets of twins/sacred partners, are working on moving certain areas of creative expression into Higher Dimensional Frequency. Therefore, the experience becomes enriched by the interaction of two bodies in resonance and on target with creative expression with abundance. That is actually how things are done in some of the higher dimensions.

So as you begin to exhibit the signs of readiness listed above, so shall you remember your creative expression. As you do, all the ways you exhibited your creative expression throughout your life will begin to be revealed to you. This revelation is one of the most beautiful experience I have as experienced here on this divine masculine / diving feminine twin soul path.

~Written with love and light by Debbie DuBois

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  1. I loved this debbie….. i feel passionate and in love with my work but sometimes i feel lost … i havent been able to hold that vibration all the time….thanks for sharing ur insights.

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