URGENT Divine Masculine Tarot Reading for TF 12-31-17

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divine masculine tarot reading

This is an extremely powerful divine masculine tarot reading for the divine masculine AND the divine feminine who are supporting their divine counterparts and those divine masculine right now who are going through the grinder. It is part and parcel to the message I did a couple of days ago with the divine feminine energies, another tarot reading which resonated with so many of the divine feminine AND masculine who say it. I feel strongly connected to the energies right now and feel it might be a good time to do more of these readings as called.

I am also getting ready to launch a new platform on 1/11/18 which will be in support of these shifts and changes in all beings and I encourage you to check out my website to explore what will be offered if you feel called to. if nothing else, I always appreciate any support by liking and sharing my work so that I can reach more people. And if you find my work helpful you may want to join my platform if for no other reason that to support the efforts I am making in the community!

I love you all so very much and am here to support the shifts and changes that we are in the deep midst of…So much good stuff coming!



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