Divine Masculine Twin Flames 1-11-11 2018 Portal Tarot Reading

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divine masculine twin flames

The cards speak again loudly at this mid-month of January 2018 divine masculine twin flames tarot reading. Not only is it a powerful day 1-11-11, amazing portal energies, but this reading really tells us just where the DM is at in his process. And it FEELS right. There is much to be encouraged by so take time to find out how things are progressing here in mid-January. I’m sure we got more work to do, but it sure seems like things are moving along nicely!!

Also please be aware that on this 1-11-11 I am launching a portal intended to really support the TF and sacred union community is creating their unions. Align your energy with what you wish to create, join us and find the teach and learn/learn and teach environment that can be extremely helpful on this rocky road. Find out more at my website below! Namaste!

With love, Debbie


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One Comment on “Divine Masculine Twin Flames 1-11-11 2018 Portal Tarot Reading”

  1. I have seen twin flames come together. Im bringing twin flames together. I have met my twin flame. I am part of this twin flame movement for sure.

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