Happy New Year 2016

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As we enter the Happy New Year 2016, let us remember all that the last year has taught us. For most of us, it was a pinnacle year. A year of great change, significant trials and steep tribulations. Never has so many people suffered such emotional pain or harrowing circumstances, and yet grown so much in such a short period of time. Myself included. There were days when I was not sure I could bear anymore, and I know that is true for those I love. But we did. We realized that it was time to acknowledge and appreciate all that we experienced, allowing ourselves to surrender into whatever came our way.

So what can we expect for 2016? I will tune into my heart connection with Source/All That Is to bring forth what will now. Those of you who have made huge shifts will really kick into gear, becoming more of what you were destined to embody here. The wait to soar into action is over. It is time to fly. But expect that the truth will begin to reveal itself more and more. Everywhere you look, no one will be able to hide the truth. For the truth becomes more and more obvious as time passes and the vibrations raise.

Those things that have been taken for granted as secret will cease to be. The world is now awake and aware and truthfully seeking the honest truth. People wish to know truth now, whereas before they felt much more comfortable with their own versions of the truth. But now, they wish to know. Their hearts call them to awaken to what is before them for their desire for a new reality overpowers their fear of change.

Those people who have been settling for a meager existence in attempt to keep things the same will suffer badly. For they are resisting life’s true calling for them. They are being shown NOW in this time space that it is time for change. It is time to step into the higher calling. The more resistance is encountered the more extreme the circumstances will be. For the Universe is calling each soul to awaken now. No longer will the old ways be tolerated. It is as if there is a new order to things and it cannot be suppressed.

So, how do you feel about where you are at right now? Have you turned inward to find answers to your deepest questions? Have you connected with your heart center to feel your way through things or are you still trying to THINK through them. If you are trying to think your way through, or fall upon some old clichés of think positive to be positive, you are in trouble and probably not feeling at peace. If you are not listening to your heart, you can bet you are really struggling right now. For heart is where the truth is. And the truth can only be found when you turn the mind off and turn the heart on.

But do not kid yourselves. You can turn the mind off. You can let go of everything as it comes up, but if you have no love in your hearts for self and others, you have not made the leap yet. For love is the expression of the still mind. Joy extends itself in limitless love when the mind is silenced. It is not enough to let go, you must actually allow your heart to stay open and expand at the same time.

What is it your heart truly desires? If you are trying to recapture glory of a past time you will fail dismally. For the past times were not the true glory. True glory comes to those who allow their hearts to experience the full awakening and its true calling. What is it that brought you major joy your whole life? No it was not a career or profession, although some of you had some great experiences that allowed you to use the God-given talents you had. Have you not figured out that it is using those talents that made you a happy person? It had nothing to do with earthly success. It has always had everything to do with doing what you love to do.

As the energies of 2016 sweep into this time space, you can bet that resisting your destiny will become harder and harder. Not shifting into the higher vibrations will mean swift spiritual ass kicking and that is to put it mildly. So many of you are doing your work. So many of you are finally grasping that the true happiness lies within the context of self-love and self-acceptance. For only if you love and accept yourself, can you avoid projecting the things you do not like about yourself onto others. Only when you love and accept yourself, can you tolerate those that are seemingly different from you. Only when you truly love and accept yourself, can you receive the gifts that are meant to be bestowed upon you. All of you are meant to live in abundance and
wonderful health. If you are not in that state right now, it is because you have neglected to heed the call of your heart. You have refused to see what is before you. The opportunity for change. The opportunity to release, let go and move forward. Linger no longer in this place of purgatory. It is unnecessary.

We are well on our way into the new vibrations of the higher dimensions. It will not be long before you being to see the world around you really start shifting. But do not expect it to come with fireworks or trumpets heralding in the new era, for you are slowing become accustomed to the changes and may not even notice them. How many of you really acknowledge that the price of gas has come down? Do you just see it as something that is temporary? Or have you just gotten so used to things fluctuating, your expectations are that the price will climb again and higher. It will not be so. The shifts you are seeing are truly coming into full view and you will no longer even notice a lot of what is happening. That is because your shift in focus is away from watching the horror of the outside world and turning inward to your own Higher Knowing. When you spend your time in your heart, you are more focused on what matters, and less focused on co-creating a less than desirable world. You were all a part of creating the undesirables by your attention to it. The more you turn inward, the less your mind becomes occupied with things that do not serve you.

How are you spending your time? Are you spending time in creative endeavors and soul enriching experiences? Or are you focused on the outside world and all the seeming chaos. You realize that if you turn to something creative, the whole rest of the world goes into peaceful silence. In fact, you do not see the world around you at all. You only focus where you are at that moment. So, choose. Choose where to turn your attention. Do you dwell on what is going on around you, or do you dwell on your heart’s desires? And then do you release your attachment to those desires, knowing that all is in perfect order and that the path is lit before you? This is the way of mastery. And there are so many awakening masters now. All of you are masters. Lest you forget. You are the masters of your own making. But it sure is easier to really create your reality with consciousness. With total awareness and focus. That is the way of the higher dimensions.

So, if you wish to achieve the heights of mastery that you are capable of in this year of 2016, move into your heart. Stop putting your heart last. Stop putting everyone else first. Stop putting this-worldly stuff first. Put your faith and efforts into the heart centered Beingness that you are. Stop struggling. Say NO to struggle. Say YES to ease. If you do struggle, appreciate the struggle for what it brings you, an opportunity to shift and allow. De-emphasize the struggle. Allow it. And then you will see it disintegrate before your eyes. For it no longer wishes to occupy your time space.

And what of love and relationships? What path does one choose? Does one continue on the path they feel they must, or do they choose true happiness? That is something that will be an individual choice. Fear not, however, true happiness always outshines the drab and mundane. That which is not made of the true vibrational match shall pass away for like attracts like and it can be no other way. And fear not that you will not find the love and happiness you desire, for if you follow your heart center, it leads you to the very connections that bring the true happiness. That is the true way of things.

So what do you wish to see in your relationships? Do you wish to continue to play games with those who do not suit you? Do you wish to force the old paradigm and old ways and traditions? Or are you waking up to the fact that vibration between beings are more important than set traditions. The children are aware when parents stay together for the sake of societal calls. They long to be reunited with their spiritual parents. And often, those spiritual parents are not the ones they are born through physically. Will you delay their happiness?

Higher Dimensional existence requires honesty and integrity. It requires focus on what is truth. Those circumstances without that have nothing. Those who cannot be honest with each other cannot share the highest communion. It simply is not possible. So know the truth and it shall set you free. Come clean in this year of 2016. Face your truest truth. Be honest and open in your relationships. Dishonest and covert relationships are no longer going to be supported. For higher vibrations brings transparency to all. The truth will be seen. Do you know the truth? If not you soon will.

The coming year brings much forward movement for the star seeded Light Beacons, Light Workers, and Light Bearers. You have been waiting for a long time to really engage in your missions. So many different missions you all have. Now is the time. You’ve been practicing. You’ve been honing your skills. You’ve been learning about what a magnificent being you are. You have been releasing all sorts of familial attachments, and with the lightening of your loads, you will be free to take off. You shall lift off in short order and the year will bring many surprises. It is time for you all to experience more financial security. You actually have been feeling more abundant in a myriad of ways, with great hope and promise of the coming changes. It is this confidence that is creating the new reality of abundance that is now to take place.

So in closing, you must really engage in what you came to do. What you came to do is not always what you thought you came to do. But your heart knows where your joy lies and with whom it lies. You MUST follow the joy or you will not find the great way to what you desire to experience. Those who do not follow this will begin to realize it. It will be impossible to ignore. It will be loud and clear. Your pathway is made very easy by your own Soul when you follow your path. Are you on your own path? You will know soon enough. If you are on the right path, you will begin to soar to new heights. Those of you who are on that Path act as beacons to show those who are not, the way to the flight path. They will be watching. You can count on that. They want to go UP, UP, and UP as badly as you do. They just may have lost their way. You show them. You go where you must go boldly. Do not fear leaving anyone behind for you cannot leave anyone behind. But you can lead. You can show the way. Show the way Light house, Light Bearer, Light worker. It is why you came.

And so it is.

Written with love by Debbie Saffer DuBois

Happy New Year 2016

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  1. This is incredible, Debbie. You get right to the heart of things and really spell it out. If read carefully, frequently and in the right heart place, the questions and answers to our questions are right there. It is a wonderful roadmap for the coming year. I so appreciate your willingness to reach into your own heart center to offer this message to all of us who are in need of it or who want to use it as a guide.

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