A Higher Perspective on the Runner-Chaser Dynamic in Twin Flame / Catalytic Heart Connections

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Yesterday moved me further along in my creative expression when inspired to search through three hours of audio for a concept that was spotlighted on our radio show, Vibrations of Love. At the time I knew it was a very inspired transmission that was brought through from Source about the true purpose of what is termed the Runner-Chaser Dynamic in the catalytic twin flame experience. This dynamic has been talked about in twin flame circles for as long as this phenomena has been spotlighted.

I say it furthered my creative expression because I was literally forced to learn a new audio editing software program so that I could extract the 30 minute clip out of the 3 hour radio show from March of this year. But my heart knew it was time to do this, so I buckled down and spent a good part of my day figuring this out. I could not be happier that I did it. Even after working with this clip for a good four hours, I listened to it in its entirety last night and again this morning. This clip is extremely important to understanding what this whole catalytic experience is for FROM AN ASCENSION PERSPECTIVE. The concepts brought forth are crystal clear for those ready to understand this dynamic.

In a moment of clarity at the beginning of 2017, the purpose of this dynamic was revealed to me and during our radio show the verbal transmission of it happened through me. The conversations Keleena and I had been having in our frequent telephone calls, coupled with my own person experiences over time brought such clarity to me that it could not be denied. And, as much as I know a lot of people really want to get away from labels, as one of my clients and soul sisters commented on the video this morning, labels that are helpful should sometimes not be thrown away. I agree with that, however, I really feel the best label for this dynamic is “The Rubber Band Dynamic.”

When you think of a rubber band, what happens when you pull it back to shoot it? There is tremendous tension on that piece of rubber until you let it go and it flies forward with tremendous velocity. And gosh darn if someone is in its path, they are going to get a little sting! When something stretches you, you cannot help but be pulled to shift. And propelled forward quickly if you are the rubber band and someone let’s go. We tend to forget that nothing in these very catalytic connections happens by accident. There is ALWAYS purpose there. When you really come to full awakening consciousness about that, the fun really begins. For you can be extremely happy about all these horrible uncomfortable situations you find yourself in. Because they begin to make sense from a higher perspective and you can embrace them!

So, I highly encourage each and every one of you who have been in what you consider a “twin flame” path to listen to this excerpt and I will include a link to the video at the bottom of this article. Because to understand something is to embrace it and to let it go. Sometimes we cannot let go of something because our brain (ego) seeks to understand why it is happening to us. That leads us into the mental body where thoughts churn around in our heads and create all kinds of emotions that we then have to deal with either now or later. Those are the “stories” I refer to in a lot of my writings. The stories we tell ourselves attempt to explain what is happening to us and because of old patterned program, they are typically not helpful!

In old energies, we tell ourselves stories of how horrible and unlovable we are, or how terrible another person is. I like to help uncover all the unhelpful stories which keep people from moving along in a positive direction and tell more helpful stories. At the end of the day, they are ALL stories, for we are part of the biggest hologram program that ever existed! And the avatars that we embody in it are playing the high stakes Game of Life. As individuated fragments of Source, we have the incredible opportunity to experience ourselves interacting with other fragments of ourselves in a myriad of ways to explore the nature of What We Are. How incredible is that! BUT, if you are not aware of that, things that happen to you can seem very scary and frightening, very REAL. And all these experiences you have asked for in coming here so that you can get to know who you are from the higher perspectives in physical reality.

Such is this Rubber Band Dynamic. Just one helpful Universal Law in the physical realm which is put in place to accomplish a particular outcome. And YOU chose to experience it! Lucky YOU!! J Enjoy!

~Written with love, Debbs

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