How the Narcissist / Empath Template Can Be Healed by The Twin Flame Connection

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After engaging in a post on the Facebook group, Twin Flame Soul Journey, I realized that the narcissist / empath was a subject I had been wanting to write about for a long time. This is because I feel that I have some understanding of this subject and have been given over time different ways to view this template.

I was inspired by a post from someone that reminded me that I wanted to write more about the mirror perspective. And, my next article will deal with the twin flame mirror and the confusion surrounding this whole concept. But, while I started writing that article, I was pulled to draw cards and ask questions of my iN2IT Oracle Deck to try to clarify some information for people on this connection. This narcissist / empath connection involves one person who seems be to more spiritual and empathic, and another who seems to be more earth-oriented and more narcissistic.

These were the cards I pulled, along with my interpretation. You may have different interpretations. Feel free to comment with any additional thoughts you’d like to contribute!

When I pulled these cards, three words jumped out at me. One from each card. Mature on Card #1. Release #2. And, Reward #3.

How I read these cards was that it takes a very mature spiritual being to handle this very delicate balancing act and many things must be released in each person in order for this to occur. The outcome is a very clear reward. Not everyone is destined to do this job. Only those who have a great tenacity to grow and apply what they’ve been learning will be able to dig deep enough to find the strength to deal with narcassism in any form.

This template takes a great deal of spiritual maturity to find tender spots as an empath and become stronger. That doesn’t mean becoming harsher. It means becoming open hearted and strong enough that you can stay in your power no matter what anyone else does or says. This act helps release the other person from their own bondage and hatred of self. Make no mistakes, those who exhibit narcassistic tendencies are seeking the attention and control over their world because they feel if they don’t they will lose it all.

Then, I pulled this card with the following question:

The Inner Knowing or Shaman self can help cut or release the twin to bring them home to the comfort and safety they did not get as children or in past incarnations. It is a type of harvest from the darker energies that is a blessing upon both people because they are released through the wisdom of the White Wolfe, who leads the way.

This partnership is a lonely one for both people because until such point as the release comes, neither person is afforded the connection that they truly seek. One wants to give everything to make the other feel the love they do not feel for themselves. And the other is so insecure, they feel they must keep their partner down in order to be sure they will not lose them. This is a polar opposite condition that must be brought into balance. Once brought into balance, the new pattern is added to the collective conscious so that all can access the healing patterns.

Then I asked this question:

The answer I received in these cards is as follows: The deep commitment of the two twins, and the driving force of that connection, enables the more empathic twin to literally expand into a stronger version of self. The true self. It is the passionate desire for the other that helps them become the strong energetic “equal” for them.

In that strength, they are able to be a supportive friend of the narcissistic-tendency twin. They become loyal companions and friends. Maybe the first real friend the person has truly had. One can only be a true friend to someone who may be a bit hard to trust and love by seeing their innocence. This is in turn something that helps unlock the twin that has never really trusted that love is for them deep down. It gives them a path way back to trust that had been shattered in past lives or in childhood.

Such is the path of the spiritual undoing of the illusions. When you can see your twin as innocent, he/she is innocent, possible for the first time in his/her life. But you can only do this if you see your OWN innocence first and are strong in your knowing. None of this is possible without deep commitment of the loons. These uncommon bonds really do reawaken the hopes of those who have lost it. Both have the potential then to manifest the deep desires of a loving relationship where trust is never betrayed.

Then I pulled the following cards in response to this question:

You have to be grounded in full health and vitality yourself. You must have your roots deeply in the ground. You must evolve from past lives and old programs. And you must remember you are on a quest. NO MAN LEFT BEHIND. (Semper Fi).

This is the real break through moment. The Ah Ha Moment. That moment when you realize that enlightenment is yours for the taking! It takes commitment, it takes willingness to be dedicated to your personal growth. It is the epiphany that happens when you move into the place where you get it and are ready to take it higher.

The biggest question I then had was, how to advise people who are going through this… And I asked…

The information came together beautifully in these cards as I read them. If we are dealing with a narcisst-leaning twin, we must stand strong in our power. It may mean taking time alone to grow stronger and protect ourselves from the situation while we heal the old wounds and patterns.

“You need not part entirely to do this.” (An actual quote from A Course in Miracles!) But, you just must be willing to pull away and be in your own space to work through the triggers you will inevitably face. Until you are ready. Until you are strong. Until you are more open hearted and able to love another completely unconditionally. Which means someone being able to show up in any state of being and your inner candle does not flicker.

The second card advises that during any “separation,” you keep the doors open to your fantasy and romanctic connection, even if it is not appearing so in your 3D life. You keep it alive in your heart. The dreamy love energy. You perceive the situation from a affectionate and highly divine feminine energy as you go through your own awakening and strengthening process. The process helps bring clarity and helps you find the ultimate solution.

This herein lies your true liberty. Let the process unlock the solution to your ultimate higher being and authentic essence which cannot be harmed by another, especially not someone who is wounded. You can be the loyal friend and companion at that point because nothing can touch you. Nothing can hurt you.

In that moment, you have saved your twin from themselves. By declaring them innocent when they cannot themselves do so!

I hope this has brought some insight and clarity to you. Please feel free to add your thoughts below. I always enjoy seeing other people’s perspectives!

~Written with love,

By Debbie DuBois

10 Comments on “How the Narcissist / Empath Template Can Be Healed by The Twin Flame Connection”

  1. Yes this does because this is the exact thing I’m going through right now.. but, he is so damaging and controlling.. and when I pull away, the more addicted to me he becomes in a horrible way.. how do I get him to leave me alone? I tried ignoring, but he has no limits and the more ignorant he becomes.. he straight up told me, he wants my attention (stroke his ego).. I did my inner healing and now he is just creating and trying to break open my healed wounds.. I’m really stuck.. I learned not to buy into my guilt anymore.. he is creating major blocks mentally and emotionally.. I tried to show him something different, he really doesn’t care.. please, if you have any suggestions.. I’d appreciate it

  2. This resonated with me as IV tried to be a friend to my ex of 8yrs we have tried to get back on many occasions but seem to go round in circles IV finally made a complete break away as his vicious words have hurt me deeply but I still feel he is lost and lonely and I’m sure he now regrets throwing away our last chance together

  3. Wow!!! Makes sense. I just walked away from my twin. He was displaying narcissism and with our push and pull over the last 9 years, things make sense. Trust me, I have gone through every emotion imaginable since I left, but I need to take care of me. And he needs to deal with his choices. Thank you for this article.

  4. Because I would not allow the manipulation and maintained that he is innocent, he actually pushed me away. His “reason” was related to religion. So, what you are saying is true in terms of the path for the empathic twin. But given what I know about narcissists, they will actually give up/destroy the relationship /push away if they are faced with someone who will not enable or bite their tongue in response to narcissistic dynamics.

    Honestly, I would have endured more, but I’m grateful he separated from me. I’m certainly stronger and more sovereign than I ever knew I could be and that is a gift. While I’ve had to heal and work through the betrayal, I’m relieved. I hope he finds his way to a more whole self, but I’m glad I don’t have to live through that process with him.

  5. Wow so true as to what I am going through RIGHT NOW! Thank you so much Debbie!!!!

    Vesta Moon

  6. This writing is spot on, exactly why Twin Flames exist, to heal, grow and reconcile and through this, our reconciliation, we bring our hope, our love, and conciliation to the world of illusion and separateness. Many have believed that the twin flame relationship is to be filled only with the indescribable joy we feel, but it is not. As you said, we are to traverse this journey of mountains high and valleys low to bring ourselves to our authentic and precious selves and in this, we bring all that we become to the those lost in worldly illusions and lies.

    I have written much since the loss of my wife of 30 years and the meeting of my twin flame. Yes, we are in the middle of healing narcissism and empathy, in marrying the two from unconditional love, for it is our destiny, our choice long, long ago to bring this healing, this love, and compassion to a world of divided souls.

    I hope you take the time to read some of the nearly 500 writings I was given to heal myself and share with as many as who will make the time to read them.

    Rarely have I read a more accurate depiction of the twin flame/empath/narcissist relationship in such truth without judgment, but from understanding as the words you shared have conveyed.

    Thank you, Debbie DuBois. Much gratitude and love to you. <3

  7. This reading has brought me so much peace. It was spot on and right on time. My journey recently ended, I feel we reached the end of our story but I have no regrets. Maybe we’ll reunite in another realm.

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