May 19-25 Scorpio Full Moon Energy & TF Sacred Partner Reading

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The powerful Scorpio Full Moon as been creating some incredible transformational shifts in the catalytic heart awakening path. We talk about where we were last week and what it means to this coming week. The cards are incredible this week!

Whether you are interesting in a love reading for twin flames, twin souls, soul mates, karmic partners, sacred relationships, we tune into the energies of the coming week and answer some of the questions we all have.

Also, at the end of the video I announce a giveaway I have decided to do. First, I am going to select someone (from a drawing) who will get a free LIVE videotaped reading on my Youtube channel to answer a whole host of questions with my favorite oracle deck The iN2IT Oracle deck by Aria. You can remain anonymous if desired. In this live reading, the deck and Source (through me) will have a dialogue with you about your most pressing questions surrounding your love relationship and the state of your union (or whatever else you want to know about). I will do this at the beginning of June.

Second, I am also going to be giving away an iN2IT Oracle Deck with Bonus Trio during that LIVE reading. The deck is set for delivery at the end of this month, so my plan is to do this live reading and give away just after the decks become officially available.

In order to qualify for the reading OR the deck, you must like this video, subscribe to my channel, share this video to one other person or on social media, and comment below that you’ve done that. Then email me at: [email protected] so I know the best way to reach you!

For those interested in acquiring this great deck sooner, I highly suggest pre-ordering as this first printing is limited and they are already going quickly. PLEASE NOTE: If you order the deck now to be sure you get one AND win the free deck, please know that Aria will refund your money.

If you wish to get your deck by the end of May, the price is $77. It will be going up to $88 thereafter so take advantage of this special price opportunity at this link below:…

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