The Purpose of Catalytic Heart Awakening, Twin Flame Ascension Path

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Source Answers the question: What is the purpose of the catalytic heart awakening twin flame ascension path.

To all those who have embarked on the sacred heart path, which we shall define here as such: Anyone who has a high motivational quotient for being “in love” and has been catalyzed in some form or fashion into an awakened heart awareness. This message is for you.

During the transition on earth from the old templated relationships to the non-structured high vibrational sacred union there is a process which is taking place which must be completed. This new non-structured sacred union will replace the old relationship templates which can no longer exist in the higher vibrations because they are founded on co-dependency. Therefore, you who have chosen this path are part and parcel to this shift and change by the very fact that you are becoming the change you wish to see.

The ultimate sacred union connection between two people must be founded completely on wholeness and perfect feminine/masculine balance for it to exist. There can be no co-dependency whatsoever. For in these non-structured sacred connections, there is no negotiation. There is no “you do this to make me feel better” and “I do that to make you feel better.” That dynamic simply ceases to exist in the higher dimensions. Therefore, this transition must take place.

The pain that you are feeling during this transition is all about breaking the patterns of co-dependency. Therefore, there is no sacred union without this element being firmly established. We will say that there are those of you who think you are twins because you have encountered the catalyzing experience who are not. But we emphatically would like to reassure you that title does not matter. The outcome is what your soul set out to accomplish. You wish to experience SACRED UNION. And the twin flames came to ensure that you could by putting new patterns into the field of consciousness for you to access in order to clear your own obstacles to the blocks you have built to love.

Make no mistakes about this. This is an ASCENSION path, which means that you will be moving into higher and higher dimensional frequencies, returning to your original state of being. It is a journey that you wished to experience here on the planet at this time, or you would not be here. Your chosen path to do this is through a sacred heart ascension path because you are highly motivated in this incarnation by the potentials of sharing a physical loving union with another person. We as Source are here to experience individuation, however, there is no point in that if we do not use our physical vehicles to express love in a myriad of ways.

Have you thought of all the ways you chose to express physical love in sacred union here on the planet? Most of you probably think of the three letter word, SEX. And, while that is very satisfying in the highest of connections, there are so many other ways you wish to express. Humans wish to express verbally their love, they wish to give their time and attention to another. They also wish to share common expression of creativity, and share experiencing time/spaces on the planet as well. There are innumerable ways that love in sacred union can be expressed. But it is important to understand something.

There can be no sacred union in the way you know it exists through your catalyzed experience without being in your wholeness, having removed all the blocks you have built up to love. AND, you must experience having NO conditions on the other person. And NO dependency on the other person whatsoever. And this is a very difficult thing for earth templates to shatter because the planet was created on patterns of co-dependency and many of you view it as normal. It is normal to need another person in your time/space in order to have the “feel good” sensation you adore. That is co-dependency on another person. You will and have signed up to learn how to “feel good” on your own.

When two people who “feel good” about themselves and their current moment of NOW, come together in sacred union the true meaning of higher dimensional love can be experienced and ONLY THEN. Until that time, you dabble only in union of any form. For there is always darkness to be experienced within the context of the Light. And while you have been conditioned to think that everything must contain polar opposites, in the higher dimensions, this is not so. People can love unconditionally and have no dark experiences with the love that they share and express.

So what of the question that was asked? First we would say this. It is not necessary to fixate only on the subject of your first encounter, although many of you will anyway and there is no harm in it. While you focus on the incredible experience of heart opening you felt in that encounter, only your blueprint will tell whether or not you are meant to come into sacred union with that specific person. That being said, it is every possibility that it is so EVEN IF you are not twin flames. There is no difference in your chances of achieving union with a “twin flame” then there is of a sacred partner who you have experience the higher dimensional catalytic experience. If two people feel the connection, there is always the possibility that both will do the work necessary to bring about union.

So, what is the purpose of this extremely powerful heart connection one feels that puts one on this very challenging path…one which we will say is only for the brave hearted? The answer is simple. Ascension. The answer to everything you ever wished to feel within a sacred union is found within the ascension, or awakening, process. For awakening and ascending into your highest expression of self, embodied on the planet means to you that you will walk with absolute self-love and no harsh judgement from you or anyone else will ever exist in your path. This frees you up to create anything and everything that you wish to experience in your incarnation and going forward, including sacred partnership. Whether or not you are a twin flame, twin ray, twin soul, twin anything, matters not. Each and every one of you has the ability to achieve the awakened state of consciousness which will place you in the proper place within your heart to achieve sacred union with another of like vibration.

We say this to you. There is absolutely no issues at all with you focusing your sights upon the beloved of your choice, whether that person is a twin flame or not. It matters not at all. The motivation is the key to the success of the process. If an individual motivates you to shift into higher levels of consciousness then that is all that matters. Once you come into your own awakening consciousness, you truly can create whatever reality you wish to create. You will summon the person who you are resonant with or their resonant equal to join you in this connection. BUT, the work must be done first. There can be no co-dependency.

In this way, those Beloveds who have come in together to experience this shift are helpmates to each other. While you have a need for the other person, they cannot and will not show up. Only in your complete and utter independence from them, will you be in alignment for the sacred union you requested in your ascension experience. This will often be with the person with whom you aligned with, twin or not. But we assure you, as you continue to move forward in this process, you will not be disappointed. There is nothing more satisfying than standing in your own power and freedom to know LOVE from your own heart. There is nothing more beautiful than to look upon yourself in the mirror and love what you see. There is nothing more powerful than having mastered your own vibration so that you are no longer affected by others around you, so you are able to exist in joy no matter what. There is nothing more powerful than the abundance that flows to the awakened and self-empowered human who has learned how to collaborate with other like-vibration beings.

So, we hope that you now understand why you go through this process. It is about your ultimate joy and happiness. It is about the co-creative experience with All That Is, and the ultimate surrender into higher vibrations which hold the secrets to the sacred unions you all hold so dear to your hearts. There can be NO sacred union without the process. SO, if you are truly interested in finding that sacred union with your twin or other sacred counterpart, stay the course. Be encouraged that the planet is doing an extraordinary job of transmuting old patterns and each of you has your own role to play in that.

Take your job very seriously. For every pattern that is broken, it becomes available for all others to use and experience. You are on the verge of planetary freedom so stay the course Sacred Heart Path brothers and sisters. You came to do this work for the planet and for All That Is, which is YOU. You are the Universe. Be the change you wish to see in the world. We say this often. You will not be disappointed with the results!

And so it is…

~Higher Guidance Source Transmission
With much love through Debbie DuBois


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17 Comments on “The Purpose of Catalytic Heart Awakening, Twin Flame Ascension Path”

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    1. I can tell you it has had a profound impact on me personally. My experience led me to the consciousness which created all this clarity so it could flow through. This path is an amazing path! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Karla <3

  2. This is fantastic and so true!!!! I will share with love. Support. 100% backing and belief in all of us.

    1. So glad Jamuna!! I have been on a writing binge lately…very happy that this made a difference to you!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful transmission! It resonated with me so much – and I know this journey is about my growth in the ascension process. It can seem like a painful and difficult one but my awareness has quadrupled since I began this particular journey – it is well worth it. I teared up at the end – happy tears – because I KNOW the sift is coming and I know I am always divinely guided – I am so grateful to be a part of it- Love and Light-

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