Releasing Pain on Your Catalytic Heart Awakening Path

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releasing pain

The reason for pain in any relationship or situation is to let us know something is wrong. Releasing pain is one of the keys to mastering our life’s purpose. For mastery of life is to allow the higher purpose to unfold without interfering. Pain causes interference with the necessary unfolding of all events so therefore it needs release. An example of interference might be our belief about how things should be, or insisting that we need certain behaviors from another to be okay. If you can find a way to let it all go, the pain subsides immediately. It’s simple but it ain’t always easy. Doing this allows you to return to Self. But how to let go of pain is the question.

Pain is caused from telling yourself an unhelpful story. So you may wish to look at the stories you are telling yourself when you in pain. If you can, try become conscious enough to stop and ask yourself, “What must I believe for this feeling to be true?” Take a look at the beliefs surrounding that story. Write them down if you have to. Answer the question: “I feel this way because…” Once you figure out the story you’re telling yourself, you then have two choices. One, you can tell yourself that it is an unhelpful story and change to a better story that better suits your vibration. OR, you can ask yourself if the beliefs you have about yourself that that point are really true. Either way, try this exercise. When you are done, ask yourself one final question: Isn’t this situation really just my own interpretation of what I am experiencing? And, if that is true, is it possible I am wrong? If we can see that stories are stories, it makes it easier to drop them. That is one of easiest ways of releasing pain.

You see, everything that you tell yourself about everything is a story you tell yourself. The stories you tell yourself attach to the feeling you are experiencing and as a result, you will continue to associate that feeling with the story, which makes it a stronger belief in you. The objective during times where you are experiencing horrible feelings is to break those old story templates up. So if are able to consciously realize that it is very normal to try to explain feelings–even if it’s not helpful–you can realize you are programmed to tell yourself these stories. And the stories you tell yourself are stories that you somehow learned were real or true. Sometimes, the feelings you are feeling are not even yours. And, yet still most of us are programmed to find reasons for the feelings.

If you wish to release pain, you have to be willing to really look at the stories you tell yourself. I cannot tell you how many times upon examination I realized “OMG, I am just telling myself SOME story and I have NO idea what the truth is at ALL.” We make so many assumptions because of our belief systems.

So, in order to be successful in releasing pain, try to become more and more aware of what your feelings are and what stories you are telling yourself. Once you do that and you question the story, you more than likely will find it easy to drop. If not, then write that story down that you really believe is true and that is a real issue to address with some help.

Sending you lots of love and light!

Written with love,

By Debbie DuBois
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