Sacred Union Progress Report for Sacred Love Path June 2017

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The last several months have seen tremendous progress in the sacred union journey for most who have been on this path for the last four to five years. It seems that the divine feminine has finally unattached from the divine masculine and become her own pillar of stability. Almost to the point of not needing him at all, she forges ahead with the work she is here to do. Many of the feminine beings here on the planet that I communicate with on a regular basis all feel about the same thing. The need for the masculine is gone. It’s not that there is no desire for him, it is simply that the attachments to outcomes and even expectations for the next moment are no longer there.

There are a group of the feminine that I know of who have had very shocking turn of events even in that the divine masculine they thought was their “twin” or sacred partners have literally been blown out of the water by another person who unexpectedly came along. I know many divine feminine who are like “twin who?” No matter which category the divine feminine falls into, they are standing in their own power and their own space—on mission, no matter what that mission is at this time.

The Universe also seems to be creating space between sacred partners who are already together and standing in their own power. There seems to be a myriad reasons they cannot be together physically at this time: family obligations, work trips, different schedules, changing jobs, even moving to new locations. All this is completely the norm right now. Households are shifting and changing at a rapid rate, never to return to the same patterns again. Several people I know made movements to another geographical location altogether to live in a completely different lifestyle. This to either be near their divine partner or to be where they are called to be next.

The number of those people on the sacred path who are moving is vast. And what is incredible is that it’s the group of people who I have known for a long time and been on this journey with. If you have not moved, you may be soon. It’s as if people are being called to another part of the light grid. And it’s necessary. The Universe is taking care of it for you. If you don’t make the move, the Universe (Your Soul) will make it for you. It’s as if the little self has no say. Some are plunging head first into the new and excited about their new found “freedom” from the “old space.” Others are struggling to make that shift but keeping their heads above water. Some are completely breaking down. But inner strength is the call of the day. These things just MUST be done. It doesn’t matter if you’d prefer it a different way. It is what it is and you WILL deal with it no matter what.

It has been lately as if we are jumping timelines, back and forth between our new “homes” and our “old” ones. The 5th dimension frequencies are available to us and we can go with the flow in abundance until suddenly, we can find ourselves in our “old space” of “why is this not working the way it should?” It is really quite a freaky experience. One moment we will be so much in the flow we are glowing and will know our connection with All That Is. Everything is at our fingertips when we need it, then suddenly we find ourselves needing help from someone and they might take over what we are doing and suddenly we find ourselves down a rabbit hole of problems. It’s like we go into shock. What the heck just happened? We may find ourselves frustrated and acting out, and then within minutes our sanity has returned and we are completely in the flow once more. We may not really be sure what to make of it, but many have been describing this feeling.

It’s as if on one hand all is completely in the vortex, and then we jump to another old energy timeline. When that happens, the best advice is to simple ground and center ourselves. Or talk to someone who understands, who may remind us to center if we don’t remember. Someone who will remind us that we need to relax and allow what is to just be. This is not always easy but the glimpses of the “new life” are so well worth all this aggravation.

Now for sacred partnerships. This energy is effecting both beings involved. The masculine is more than stepping into their own power. They have taken on the challenges before them, which may take them away from their normal worlds. Those who were spending time in leisure are now busting a move to keep up with the changes in their lives. No more rest for those who want to “pass” on the karmic lessons. It’s just not possible. They have too much responsibility but it is calling them into their true selves. They are being asked to just do what needs to be done. And actually they feel more themselves for it than they have in a very long time. They are standing in their own power. No more are they allowing their karmic partners to control them. They have no time to be controlled. They are busy being in their own control right now. And it feels good. Even if they are so tired they cannot stand up straight.

On another hand, it seems that most of the masculine on this journey are simultaneously taking on familial programming for the masculine, much as the feminine has before and continues to do. Masculine beings on this path now are often caring for family members, whether elderly mothers or fathers, with the tasks being so all pervasive as to give them very little breathing room for their karmic partners or their dear friends. It’s as if the Universe is showing them patterns they carry with them in their current lives from their childhoods that need to be addressed at the source and transformed so that they no longer are willing to create more of the same in their karmic love, sacred love, and children relationships. But it seems they are very determined to make it work. To do what they came to do. To break those patterns and make new decisions about how they will move forward, as if their very lives depend upon it. They place the importance on the family members, but it is they who are growing and shifting most as they reclaim their divine masculine energies over the programmed patriarchal templates.

It is as if the masculine is being reminded, or shown for the first time, what it means to live in the moment of now. There is no other moment because they are so busy handling what is before them. They must focus on the things that come before them in rapid fire success. This is not just for the masculine. This happening for the feminine as well. No sooner do we handle the task in front of us, another takes its place. How can we worry about the past or think about the future when the moment of now demands all we have? The answer is simple. We cannot. And, if we try, we create so much resistance to the moment of NOW that we cannot function. The very action of stopping in our tracks, unable to forge ahead because of resistance, puts even more pressure on us to move forward. It doesn’t stop and we cannot stop either.

This is forcing all of us to focus on what really matters most. In the process, if something is trying to pull us away from what matters most, it will be seen as just that, an obstacle to what we wants. It is easier to see what annoys us or frustrates us because it is contrasted with what really matters. And, when “time” is limited, the things that matter most to us become our top priorities. It is as if the Universe is showing people WHAT is most important to them. And teaching them how to stay in the moment of NOW to carry out those paths which matter most. The others must fade away because there is simply not enough time to worry about stuff that does not matter. If it did matter, it would a priority to begin with.

In a sense, this whole process helps us find the sacredness in all relationships. For when we focus on what is right in front of us, we can bring ourselves to the moment of NOW fully. We do not waste time and energies on connections that do not resonate with us. There is no time to do it. Then, those who are not of our current resonance naturally “fades” away because “there is only so much time.” But what remains is the mirror of sacred connection in those beings who are resonating at the same levels at any given moment of now. And that is very sacred indeed.

If we allow the Universe (which is essentially us) to keep us in the moment of now, relax through those blips back and forth between dimensions and timelines, what we want will be revealed. Who we are will be revealed more fully. And what we are here to accomplish must be shown for it will be what is right in front of us. And if accepted, it will lead us to where we are supposed to go next. If we resist, we will be forced to re-evaluate, adjust and move forward again. But we can be assured, our Soul has got this one. Anyone who is here on this path is completely supported right now from the “other side of the veil.” We have all the help we need. We just have to tune in and believe in this crazy sacred love path. We cannot NOT arrive at our planned destination. So we might as we try to relax and enjoy the ride—as best we can!

~Written in love and light
Higher Self Transmission from Debbie Saffer DuBois
True Sacred Union

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. It does appear that this Higher Self Transmission was pretty accurate according to the feedback I am getting. I’m so glad to find out we are all experiencing similar stuff! <3

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