A Sacred Ode to the Feminine / Masculine Heart Connection

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Though I may not speak of my love for you aloud
There is no greater commitment that I can make
Than to be the absolute perfect reflection of your Authentic Being,
For which you worked so hard to release and remember.

I vow to honor you at all times
And protect you with a watchful eye
Promising to not react, but to thoughtfully respond
With my loving wisdom and guidance when called upon.

I promise to make you laugh at the folly of this world,
Reminding you that we are from another reality—you and I—
In joyous laughter, we will make the world a brighter place
For those we love and those who need us still here.

I promise to listen to you and hear what you are saying
And not project old patterns into your words
But to understand the meaning behind your words
From my heart and from my knowing.

I will hold you in my heart
While I cannot hold you in my arms
And though worlds apart we may be
I’ll never give up hope that we will touch.

I will support you so that you can fly
And be there to lift you to new heights
Never having to worry that you’ll fall
Because I would catch you if it were possible.

I would rush to your side if you needed me
Although it’s amazing that you don’t
And I promise to return all the freedom
That you give to me in Love.

I will shower you with unbridled passions
Touching parts of you that have never been explored
Leaving you breathless with my desire for you
In a Love that never fades.

Though I cannot promise you this Life
In any old templated patterns
I can vow to love you for all eternity
For you are Me and I am You.

This I know for Absolute Truth
We are ONE being of Light
One with each other
As We Are
ONE with the ALL.

A Higher Self Transmission
Written in Love by Debbie Saffer DuBois

2 Comments on “A Sacred Ode to the Feminine / Masculine Heart Connection”

  1. Those were the most beautiful words ive ever read. This is how i feel about my relationship with my husband who passed in January this year. He is me and i am him. We are one and we both knew That when he was alive. I go crazy when I can’t feel him around me. I need to take care of me and just know he loves me. But I get so confused and feel hurt. How do I get thru this?

    1. Tiffeny, this may or may not resonate but this is what I’m getting…when we have this form of connection, it is so powerful that we learn that it transcends the physical. Him not being around in the physical maybe the opportunity to explore your connection outside of the physical, working to connect in another realm. Have you tried to really connect in your highest sacred space? Meditation helps. These intentions of which I wrote did not happen in the physical although it is demonstrated there mostly unspoken. It teaches that knowledge and connection is not limited by physical voice, touch, smell and other senses. I would consider exploring all this if you have not. Also, it has only been a “short time” relatively speaking since he passed. I am so very sorry as I cannot imagine. You must understand you are still grieving at this point. Just also know that there is no limit to the miracles here at this time. I hope all this is helpful to you. It is what my heart has guided to tell you <3 Much love and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings here...

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