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One often hears the saying “the highway to hell is paved with good intentions.” When one tunes in with their higher aspects, this saying begins to make more sense. There are belief systems here on the planet that people need to be rescued or saved. And, it is apparent why those belief systems exists. For when one looks around them, one finds many people who see from different perspectives. Some of those perspectives can seem not very helpful to that person. And one can believe one knows what another needs to help them along their way.

This is the insidiousness of the ego and its trappings. For it is NOT that one intends harm to another. Although one can try. But understand that the ego mind is not always about hurting other people, or gathering up all the attention for itself and its grandeur. Although it can. By the very definition of ego, many do not understand the ego at all. The ego mind is really only concerned with its preservation, although it cleverly disguises itself and insist how important and worthy it is. The ego is in essense looking down a narrow tube view of existance and tell you that is the world.

In essence, the ego perspective is simply the mind that only sees a limited perspective of Who You Are. And, the ego mind misperceives because it cannot see the entire tapestry involved in the Creation. It is only able to see from the limited “I” perspectives. So with regards to the ego, we would not characterize the ego as “evil.” That seems to be a generalized judgement of ego by many awakening beings on the planet at this time. We would say “awakenING” because when they truly awaken to a particular level they can see the role of ego. And once one can see the ego properly, one can begin to really disengage the power the ego mind holds over the physical body and its actions. You see to the ego, “awakenING” means “awaken I Now Go.” And it is not truly in favor of it!

Now returning back to the topic of good intentions, the Light Worker community is filled with people with good intentions. You see them every day on Facebook and other social media spreading the light and raising vibrations everywhere with intention. And there are many who consider themselves teachers, although we would say that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. As each person is a reflection of your belief systems, each encounter you have with another perceived being is an encounter with your own energies or belief systems. These encounters happen for a limitless number of reasons, but we would say the main reason for encounters with “others” is to explore who you are.

So the teachers in the Light Worker community are those who begin to actively figure things out for themselves which they teach others who are on the same resonance. And, they exchange energy. When there is an exchange of thoughts and ideas, a physical encounter we would say, both are teaching and both are learning, although it does not seem apparent. But it is the construct of this planetary experience. In truth, teachers teach because they have something to learn. They are teaching themselves what they need to know and they are refining their knowledge and experience as they go. And if an individual is an expressive personality, they may learn best by expressing what they think they know, gain confirmation from the outside world and continue adjusting and refining their belief systems. This is the path of the true teacher.

As a teacher becomes more aware of higher and higher perspectives and can see those around them not grasping the concepts in such a way that they can share, the ego self tends to step forward with sincere helpful intentions. Two things can happen. They can move forward to others who are on a higher resonance and continue their own expansion of knowledge, or they can choose to BE the change that they have become as an example for others to see. That is where the term Way Shower comes in.

Even the Way Shower must begin to understand their own role in a form of teaching. It is easy for a Way Shower to begin to think they need to help others shift. Because they obviously see perspectives that have worked for them. And they can clearly see others without the ability to see the higher perspectives. The signal for the Way Shower is the fruits of the others belief systems and the experiences or feelings they share with the Way Shower about what they are going through. Which is received through the filter of the Way Shower “I” filter. And when perceived suffering occurs, a Way Shower may want to step forward and rescue others from their own situations. And such is the subtleties of the ego’s insertion into the equation. It is not an evil insertion mind you, it is a well-intentioned heart felt desire to help. And, many can justify their crusade to help others, to where they become impassioned.

Unfortunately, as A Course In Miracles teaches, “you would do what you defend against” becomes perfectly apparent. One lends themselves and their energy to trying to “help” others who they see as needing help, and that is an extension of energy outward that is not engaging with a person who is on par with that teaching can be very draining.

We would say do not misconstrue that it is wrong to sharing what you know. However, many Way Showers will insert themselves into conversations with good intentions in attempts to make changes. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. IF the person who you connect with is ready for the message. And one could argue that if you are speaking the message they are ready for it. And that would also be true.

But there is something in social media that Way Showers do not always consider. And that is the number of people who are not ready to hear their message, who may reject the messages outright and may even get rather adamantly stuck into deeper levels of their own belief systems by hanging on tighter. These Way Showers may spend time explaining, engaging, conversing and even arguing with those who are not ready for the message. And this is lost energy and can even create more entrapment.

THIS is the trappings of the ego mind. The belief that people need healing.

What is truth then? Do people need healing? Well, it is obvious from the average observer that people sure have belief systems that work against them. They also display emotions which seem to keep them in lower vibrations and one can feel that energy if one is susceptible to it. And there are those who are looking for teach and learn experiences that are on par with the Way Showers (or others on the same path). So what is the answer?

Any Way Shower (or person who wishes to express their learning through a conscious teaching scenarios) must be awake and aware of this information. The only real way to reach those who are ready for certain teach and learn experiences is to let them be drawn to you. BE THE CHANGE you are. Be WHO you are. Write about what you believe. Speak about what you know. Share what you have to say or express in the myriad of ways that represent what you have learned to this point. You will draw that energy to you for continued teach and learn expansion.

BE THE CHANGE. BE that which you wish to see in the world. THAT is the most effective teaching instrument.

And so it is.

Source Transmission through Debbie DuBois

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