The Event April 2018 Tarot Energy Report for TFs and Starseeds on Mission

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the event

This reading is for those people who are following The Event or consider themselves starseeds, lightworkers, twinflames, and others who have come to the planet at this time to help make the shift to the new earth. This energy report is revealing information that we need to know in order to remain focused on the shifts going on in the background. Some of us are watching The Event and all the other information very carefully. And, if you want to know what is going on, this is a good video for you. More videos will be coming forward which are even more detailed about specific connect the dot kind of information about the behind the scenes “real world” information happening in government, financial, health, and more. Things are coming to a head and we can watch it all, while holding the energy steady for the collective.

There are all kinds of places to watch and if you are interested in learning more about The Event and the other shifts for humanity, I encourage you to follow my page What on Earth 2018 on Facebook and feel free to join my What on Earth 2018 group. On these pages I will be sharing all kinds of interesting information on thinks like Q, QAnon, the Global Currency Reset, the dinar, zim, etc. There is so much happening on the planet right now. We are about to see some of the biggest changes to our socio-economical structure on this planet than we have since the fall of Atlantis. You could say the restore of the intentions of Atlantis is here right now. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!!

If this is of interest, please follow this series of videos! Sending all my love to you during these very exciting time! ~ Debbie

With love, Debbie

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