Twin Flame Ascension Update: What you need to know NOW!

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Twin Flame Ascension Update! What are both the masculine and feminine going through right NOW that you need to understand in order to help you move forward in your twin flame ascension path? Watch this video if you have been experiencing the crazy energies going on right now and want to know what you can best do to navigate them. I share what the general responses to these energies are by both the masculine and feminine. Also provides some guidance as to how you these energies can be perceived from a higher perspective in order for you to best move through them quickly and with the most impact!

No matter what your response has been to these energies, I try to provide some insight into helpful ways to proceed. This is not an easy path and we all know it. Ascension in general has been quite challenging for a lot of us. Energies have been up and down as the world is at the macrolevel shifted quite a bit, so are we at the microlevels. Essentially each of us IS the Universe from which we create the whole in Unity and Oneness. My main objective in creating these videos is to bring forth information at this time which provides guidance and encouragement for you in your journey to move forward. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy bringing this twin flame ascension information to you!

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6 Comments on “Twin Flame Ascension Update: What you need to know NOW!”

  1. Thank you so much for the video. My husband twin flame told me this morning it was over. My heart is broken to pieces. Your video helped me to understand what is going on.

    1. Kimberly, I am so very sorry… we are in some very crazy times. So your husband is your twin flame? And of this you are sure? I can say this. No matter what is happening right now with you, it is important to remain open to all kinds of outcomes. No one really knows how this is all going to turn out. I do private sessions if you feel this is something I can help you with. Please do let me know. I may be able to read the situation and give you a better understanding of the big picture. In the meantime. Know that everything is happening for a reason. Your SOUL is in charge and think of it like this…you have jumped into a rapidly rushing stream but you have a life preserver on. And it is going to ensure you keep your head above water. Just please do allow your feelings and do whatever crying or purging you need. But more than anything TRUST in the bigger picture. It’s all working for our own benefit. Sometimes it’s hard to see that. But it is ALWAYS working out for the highest good. So stand tough and remain strong. Keep an open heart and BE LOVE. I hope this helps you !!!

      1. We both felt we were twin flames. I know I did for sure. This whole thing is such a crazy story. How we met and all the times after. I would love a private meeting but I no money. My husband just started back drilling in the oilfield. Behind on bills and I’m not working right now.
        I’m so lost. I am 50 and he is 47. This is my 3rd marriage and I am in love with him. I put everything into my marriage. I am cancer, so that should tell you how I am and he is a Gemini. I have put up with a lot from him the past 2 years and forgave him for a lot of stuff but when I popped off something last night (he is out of the state drilling rt now) he text me back early this morning and said we were over. He won’t answer my calls or text messages. I am totally lost. I felt like I died today. I don’t think I have the strength to go through this.

        1. Kimberly, one of things that I can tell you about “twin flames” is that if the connection is truly that it will not be over. This connection is one of the most highly transformative connections one can have it and it is NOT romantic fairy tale love. It is NEVER easy. I hear a lot of people talk about this connection like it’s suppose to be a story book romance. But it isn’t. And there are many times we are asked to face “separation” in order to advance on the path. When we are so completely in need of a particular person, we are always in fear. We cannot be our unique individual selves. We cannot stand in our own truth and power because we are always afraid that the other person will leave us. Sometimes they have to leave us in order for us to learn that we are okay and that we love ourselves. I understand that you are at a rough spot right now. But I implore you, just take it day by day. Meet his “it’s over” with okay, go do what you have to do. And YOU do what you have to do. Cry it out, get past the dependencies. If you have never tried ho’oponopono it is amazing. Google it. it will help you clear alot of junk. Try to focus on you for a bit. Focus on what you have inside to give to the world. Let him GO. BE. If he is truly your counterpart, he will return of his own volition. But the important part is, they LEAVE or pull away because they HAVE TO so we can learn to be strong in our own energies. I really hope that helps <3 Stay strong!!

  2. Thank you for this video. This was very encouraging. My flame and I have been in serious trigger mode the last 6 weeks, but we have had virtually no communication for the last 2 weeks. I’ve been feeling like everything is going to turn out ok even though everyone around me thinks I’m crazy for hanging on. I just know in my heart we are for each other. Since I have become pregnant with our second child, I have zero tolerance for his jealousy and negative behavior, the energies feel so intense, and I have been feeling like I need to focus as much positive energy on me and our unborn child. Like in your video I went through the stuck feeling, but through a wilderness escape with my 17 month son, my cat, and I on the new moon last month on a clear nights sky, I made an offering and asked what should I do. It came to me that night that I needed to keep my heart open to him. It rained so hard that night, the first of the seasons change, like it washed everything away. I wrote him a loving letter the following morning I woke up at 3:33am, and yesterday he showed up and we agreed to keep telling. It’s so crazy how what you are talking about, so many other people are going through too, including me. Thank you for taking the time to make this video, it really helps knowing I am not alone in my feelings.

    1. Thank you Bella for sharing that with me <3 Yes triggers have been very strong the past month or so. And I understand the zero tolerance. But really want to to that it really is simply about boundaries. A friend of mine put it very well today for me when she said we stay in our own power and put up our boundaries. We don't put up walls just simply this is where I stop and where you begin. So intead of getting reactionary (which I tend to do sometimes LOL) we simply walk away from behavior it is not okay and we stay in our own calm and knowing. Keeping your heart open is a definite must in all cases with everyone and then boundaries from there. I am so impressed you turned inward to get that answer! I have great hope that it's becoming more common place for us to look inward or into our knowing for the answers. Bravo! And, yes you are definitely not alone in this 😉 Thanks for your comments!

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