Weekly Love & Energy Reading for May 5-11

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Join me for my weekly love & energy reading for May 5-11 as we take a look at the upcoming week. We get an overall general energy reading, as well as insight into our sacred partner connection for that period of time.

Get the overall energy reading for May 5 – 11, 2019

Whether you are interesting in a love reading for twin flames, twin souls, soul mates, karmic partners, sacred relationships, you will find out the energy between you for the week, how they are feeling about you, what they want from you right now, what you can focus on to increase the connection, and what your higher self wishes you to know.

For the Weekly Love & Energy Reading I primarily use the iN2IT Oracle deck by Aria. For those interested in acquiring this great deck, it ships at the end of May. You can find out more at the link below. I highly suggest pre-ordering as copies are going quickly: https://www.in2itoracle.com/

A bit about the deck:

The iN2IT Oracle Trio w/Bonus combines simple, beautiful imagery & visualizations with a plethora of keywords to choose from. You will easily tune into a variety of meanings and spark your “inner knowing” to get accurate information. NO BOOK NEEDED! This deck will enable you to connect with your higher guidance and hone your own intuition. In fact, you may find your reach for this deck all day long to clarify the answers to your life’s most important questions.

This set includes the following:

The Picturesque Lenormand Oracle (36 Cards)
The Nuance Oracle (36 Cards)
Spirit Animal Oracle (24 Cards)
Planetary Influencers (10 Cards)
Zodiac Oracle (12 Card)
High-End Trump-Sized Cards
Cards that Float, Snap & Shuffle
A Deluxe Magnetic Flip Box w/Gemstone Compartment
A Black Tourmaline Gemstone
A Selenite Gemstone
4 card bonus: The Maiden, the Mother, The Queen, and the Crone

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