Consciously Creating Our New Realities NOW

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consciously creating

During this amazingly powerful period of time, work is being done on the planet by those of us who have come in to clear the consciousness field of old programs which no longer are relevant and helpful. You could say we are mastering our own fields and consciously creating our own realities. We are learning how to let go of old programs that no longer work, and we are in turn getting the opportunity to rewrite our stories with new outcomes and new twists to the old stories.

The number of programs that have been cleared over the past five years (and more) by those who came to do this work has been astronomical. Wave after wave of dense consciousness has been transmuted into the light. Old ways of doing things that are painful because they are distortions of the earth school thought system are being banished by the souls who came to take it out of the collective portal after portal. Each portal opens so that all of the energies which have been released from the collective can be disbursed completely never to return again.

One of the most fascinating phenomena is when one is given the opportunity to rewrite the stories of their existence. And those stories reach across the arc of time to shift timelines that originally might have had one outcome, but because of rewritten story lines, actually have another. For you see when we make shifts in the NOW, we shift it for all in the arc of time, past, present and future. That is because we are in fact now our past selves, being influenced by our future selves, to do the work that needs to be done NOW. And those future selves are Masters. They are the ones we look to in our Ascension Times conception for guidance. They are the ones we look to in channelings, like Kryon, Bashar, Abraham, Yeshua, and more. They are the ones we think are outside of ourselves. But they are NOT. They are US in the future. Or in a sense US NOW.

We have come from the future to our NOW to change our path from polarity to one of Unity Consciousness. So the original timelines, which have been altered by all kinds of experiments, could merge back into the ONE plan for Humanity. As we make those shifts in the NOW, they are reflected throughout all of time, thereby erasing the timelines which are no longer our preferences. For it is all an illusion we experienced. All of the experience that has been and will continue to be transmitted back to the Godhead and the collective library of experience which all can recall at will if chosen. But the time for the old ways are over. They are being transmuted though the efforts of the NOW.

As the old programs leave and are transmuted, the timelines are shifted by rewriting the stories we have written in our past. When one is in a state of wholeness and can no longer respond in the same way to circumstance because he/she is simply not the same person anymore, then the opportunity to rewrite becomes available. You will experience rewriting when the programs have lost their hold over you. Your Higher Wisdom—your Inner Master–comes in to navigate the moment of NOW. And you will find that circumstances that you used to face will resurface again, often with those who you had conflict with in the past and you will no longer respond in a triggered way. You will be completely aware of the change. You will consciously decide to respond differently from your higher knowing. In your honesty and in your truth. In love and in strength. Without fear of abandonment. Without fear of retribution. For when you are in your heart center, you can come from no other place. Any other place does not feel authentic. And this is what we mean by consciously creating your own reality.

And as you respond differently, you rewrite the records of the past. And you change the course of the timelines because everything has a different outcome. Where once there might have been tears and shouts, there is love and peace and it is healing for all involved. The healing energies that take place transform everything around you. And though you may rewrite and rewrite, and then stumble, all that you have rewritten is accomplished. Fear not. You will have the opportunity to rewrite the stumble because as long as your response was not from LOVE, it will replay until you can rewrite it.

As you experience these circumstances, if you do not know how to rewrite something worry not. Allow yourself some time and some latitude to let it come to you. For we cannot force rewriting stories. We can only allow them to surface in the moment of NOW and take it one step at a time. Sometimes you know your will. You know what you wish an outcome to be. You want to take action to make it so NOW. But it is not that moment of NOW. You must bide your “time” for a future moment of NOW because all is divinely timed. And circumstances will come along that allow for the appropriate responses at the appropriate “time of NOW.” So let it go. The important thing is that you KNOW your truth. You KNOW what you stand for. You KNOW what you will and will not allow into your field. You KNOW your higher being is walking with you. And because of that, you walk with the confidence that the time will come to act upon what you know. To demonstrate your truth.

It is incredibly important to stay in the moment of NOW as you rewrite the stories and consiously creating your reality. Do not force the stories. Do not take control and highjack the process. Stay steady. Stay in the heart. Stay in LOVE. Be love, but be honest. Be patience and be kind when you can. But be strong. Know your position. Know who you are. BE who you are. And that is how the stories are rewritten.

As the stories are rewritten they will be released for good, those that have been completed. There is a definite divine order to it all. Certain stories cannot be rewritten until other stories are rewritten. So trust and have faith in this process. Be steadfast in your knowledge that this is so. So many stories have been rewritten already.

A note for those of you on the sacred union love path: The work you two have been doing together is extremely powerful. The path you’ve chosen is an accelerated path and therefore seemingly leading the charge. The intense and accelerated opening and movement into Higher Consciousness was a path you chose and your work is extremely important. As you clear the familial blocks to love, towards each other and towards self-love expression, you are opening up new pathways for the collective to access during this period of NOW in expansion and self-knowledge. Be encouraged the work done together is being done efficiently and effectively. Go to zero point often as you can to hold the vibration of Oneness as the most intense release opportunities are available to you then. Let it all go. Be the ONE you are with ALL. No separation and no stories.

We continue with waves of new energies to strengthen the newly rewritten stories. They will become second nature to the collective. All will have access to these new authentic powerful answers to life’s seeming difficulties. Answers will be at the ready in so many more circumstances for those who are awakening. They will reach for responses and instead of finding the old energy patterns to surf, they will find new ones. They will not even notice the change. As they awaken, they will believe these are the way things have always been. For in the original timeline, they were. And as the original timeline is restored, all of these unhappy and fear-based stories that have been “lived” will fade into the distant “past” and will no longer be recalled in humanity, but only in the halls of remembrance as the students visit to explore possibilities. And this is the dawning of peace.

Please remember, it is a process. It is a thorough and well-designed process that MUST be accomplished for it was made so by YOU. And your will for a better reality as a Creator of the ONE makes it REAL NOW.

And so it is.

Written with Love by Debbie DuBois

Through Higher Self Transmission

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One Comment on “Consciously Creating Our New Realities NOW”

  1. Great topic! I am beginning to see more and more the efforts of what each of us do on our own accord is helping the collective. And in my life this week, i was able to rewrite something that normally would have derailed me. So much growth without realizing it until the same event presents itself again and new actions are taken. This is where the power lies. This is when the realization of growth arises….

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