FB Live Twin Flames Eternal Creating Your Union Tarot Reading

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creating your union tarot reading

Here is another FB LIVE creating your union tarot reading which I said before in my previous post is really delivered for more than just one person. My card readings are quantum and are given to all those who need the message. The timing which they see the reading is what makes it quantum, along with the fact that it may have been original given for one person. It was really given for anyone who needs it!

I wish to say again that if you feel you are guided to watch this video, there are most likely messages in here for you in this creating your union tarot reading. I am sure I am not alone in this. I know there have been many times that I have watched a video which is “past the expiration date” and realized that it was for me! And, in these individual card readings, there are many many messages of wisdom for real life practical application of creation twin flame union you prefer.

If you are walking this very challenging path–the sacred union path of catalytic heart awakening, transforming the partnerships on the planet–then this video may be very helpful for you. As I do more of these in the future I plan to upload them here as well because I want this information to be made available to whomever feels called to watch them. Source knows who will be watching in future moments of now and receive the wisdom they need in that moment of NOW.

With Love,

~by Debbie DuBois

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