The Divine Masculine Addressing the Awakening Masculine in 2012

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Over the last several weeks, I’ve had many conversations with the divine masculine counterparts in my life. What seems apparent is that most all of them are dealing with life changes. Many are having to adjust to new familial situations caused by the shift away from co-dependent socioeconomic relationships. Some divine masculine are being forced to break old templates (no matter how hard they try to hang on). Some are moving starting to shift into the new forms of relationship that better serve their higher needs. And, some masculine are actually breaking the old templates, causing those templates to be torn down for the divine feminine. This is requiring the divine feminine to make shifts and changes they were reluctant to make.

I’ve been watching these changes. Witnessing their struggles. Hearing their perspectives and perceptions. And taking lots of mental notes. I’m seeing it all!  The masculine needing to care for their sick mothers or aging fathers. Men dealing with divorces caused by their wive’s catalytic heart awakening. Some masculine making rash new relationship decisions, trying to reconstitute some semblence of control over their lives. Some living with rash decisions, finding themselves in partnerships that give them a taste of what their former spouse had to deal with. Some are adjusting to new shared custody situations. Some masculine just freshly out of divorces, however, are doing doing better than others. I know one man who is visiting art galleries and reading self-help books after his marriage dissolved. And, his ex would swear she never would have seen that coming! So much incredible change!

Well, we’ve all been hearing a lot about how it is the divine masculine’s “turn.” That the divine feminine has done so much work over the past five or more years, that was bound to affect the masculine. Well, apparently this is true. I do believe, however, that over the last half-decade or so, the masculine has been heavily exposed to the feminine shifts, and affected to say the least. Many masculine have resisted the changes until the very last moment. And, now there is very little strength left to resist these changes. Resistence is futile.

Over the next several months, I am going to be delving deeper into some of the changes that the divine masculine is making at this time. For example, in my December Energy Report and Twin Flame Tarot reading due out on YouTube on Friday, I will feature a new ongoing format. This new format is going spotlight the divine masculine specifically, while addressing the divine feminine. I feel very strongly guided to address these changes and give as much guidance as possible. This guidance will be for the masculine who are awakening to all kinds of new possibility. It will also be for the feminine who have been waiting to see these shifts!

Today–as timing always has it–I was contemplating writing about the divine masculine shifts when I ran across a post that was written by a divine masculine friend in 2012. I got chills. His writing contains none of the flowery, imagery-conjuring prose which portrays to the divine feminine a romantic version of the hero, the “knight in shining armor.” We have all seen the posts. The hero who saves the day with his amazing ability to be an incredible “real” man but also managing to be the respectful, tender lover the divine feminine has been programmed to seek all her life! This writing, however, is THE SHIFT at its core. And it made me even more resolute to help the divine masculine make this shift into HIS wholeness. For the divine masculine has been just as fragmented as the divine feminine. I now stand at the ready to help in any way I can! And I hope we can all join together to see it through…

A note about his post: This post easily addresses ALL the awakening masses during that big shift we all experience at the winter solstice of 2012. But, I definitely see now what I could not see then. That he was speaking to himself and the divine masculine in the ONE. I share it here with you to give you encouragement that the subconscious of the divine masculine began this shift when we did. The message is here. It was there at the time, but I did not see it. Thank God that we have real shifts and changes happening on this planet. Where the hearts of men are becoming the true compass of the way to the future. We are not alone divine feminine. They are coming home into their hearts. And the world will never be the same!

Enjoy this post!! ~Debbs

“The journey begins and ends with heart.

“How many follow a path with heart through life?

“Who has silently stabbed themselves to death with the silent denial of heart, of self?

“So many quietly dying while alive, gasping their last breath in remorse for a life – less lived. Ask an old person of their regrets for the things they have done – mostly none for the Doing they have done but many regrets for that which they did not Do – did not strive to Be. They hold regret for their life, less lived, less loved, less experienced, less risked, less infused, less enjoyed.

“So, as you lie here – where ever here is for you, – pegged spread-eagled on the hot shifting sands of the little ego self – enduring a crucifixion of a life less lived – the baking sun of criticism and denial, slowly drying out the juice of life, leaving a parched husk of self. Lying there, here, enduring the numbing process of a life of self-imposed enslavement – ask your self – Do I want this? Is this me? Is this who I am? Is this who and how I want to Be?

“This is such a momentous and miraculous time to be alive – on the cusp of the most marvelously, wondrously, miraculous show ever seen in the whole of creation. Wake up and Be alive!

“Lift your gaze from the imaginary chains of slavery which supposedly clasp your wrists in imagined bonds of servitude as they purport to somehow twist their invisible insidiously grip tightly around your heart – choking your creativity – telling you to conform.

“Realize NOW, you are not defined by another’s concept of you – unless you consent to it. You are a magnificent wondrous Being and quite simply you define yourself.

“If you are in the energy of a small minded, contracted, tiny downtrodden slave – you will be it!

“If you are in the energy of an expansive, wide ranging, multidimensional magnificent being encompassing universes, creating galaxies, swirling together worlds of wondrous complexity – that too – you shall Be.

“You are and always will be free – focus on what you are – the ultimate expression of freedom!

“Just Be that wildness of spirit that you were when young – that carefree laugh of a toddler which skips around your heart freeing you in its joy. Be that breathtaking sunset – the light breaking across the land, crisping the foliage with its golden sprinkling of nourishment. Be that powerhouse of creativity – divinity that you are and always will be if you allow yourself to Be.

“You are the captain of your ship – architect of your world. Take command – you are in the C.I.C. – Commander-In-Charge, you always have been and always will be the ultimate and final say in your creation.

“Be all that you can Be for to Be less is not to Be. To be less than – that is to Be undone!

“So go and Be all that you are in your Being and allow your true self to Be all.”

Written by C.R., February, 2013

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