Oh Heart of Mine

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Oh heart of mine, it’s been a long time, I’ve been on this journey, to see, to feel, to find A land of beauty, its paradise, divine, Oh heart you seem to break, to open me, released to thee Your magnificence manifest around, beings of light abound. This feeling, this moment, seems forever Forever is a long time, to be … Read More

The Divine Masculine Addressing the Awakening Masculine in 2012

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divine masculine

Over the last several weeks, I’ve had many conversations with the divine masculine counterparts in my life. What seems apparent is that most all of them are dealing with life changes. Many are having to adjust to new familial situations caused by the shift away from co-dependent socioeconomic relationships. Some divine masculine are being forced to break old templates (no matter … Read More

Branded With Love

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I see your face, none have your beauty I feel your soul, it left me blind I touched an angel, whispers of heaven You caught my heart, left me wild Heart open, ocean deepness Heart open, sky wide Oh to look upon your beauty Is to know, to touch divine A silky moment, lasts forever A still choice, a piece … Read More

The Matrix

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Everything exists in the absolute, as does the synthetic matrix universe of the divines, that too exists within the absolute, but it is a control mechanism, it is the matrix of illusion. We with the illusion of awakening awareness who are making a transition or a phase/wave change with our perceived reality, as we turn away from the prison of … Read More

Celestial Dance of God

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As awareness of self dawns upon the being, like the sun rising across the land, gently pushing back the shadows of forgetfulness, then the realization that all who you meet are whispering to you, singing a song, so fine of tune, so pure of note, of such beauty in the lyrics, that most are stunned by its beauty and entranced … Read More