Oh Heart of Mine

Debbie DuBoisAuthor C.R., Awakening, Poetry2 Comments

Oh heart of mine, it’s been a long time,

I’ve been on this journey, to see, to feel, to find

A land of beauty, its paradise, divine,

Oh heart you seem to break, to open me, released to thee

Your magnificence manifest around, beings of light abound.

This feeling, this moment, seems forever

Forever is a long time, to be divine

Angels all around such beauty unfolds all around,

Can you see the wonder can you feel its truth,

Presence within you and me,

See the sea




2 Comments on “Oh Heart of Mine”

  1. Is there a way to get a text notification when you are going to have your conference calls?

    I’ve listened to a recording before and found it very helpful!

    1. Camilla, I don’t have a texting service at this time but that is a great idea…Are you on my mailing list? If not here is the link: https://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=7p8rql9ab&p=oi&m=1127815376380&sit=ad5bl9olb&f=4440adc5-e840-4931-ad99-23fb15824ee9

      I will look into the texting app to see if that is possible. It’s a great thought. I appreciate that you are interested. The conference calls are really going to be emphasized in 2018… I will do some for the general public and then there will be some for the members. I hope you will consider joining! Going to have some great guests! Thanks again for your interest in my conference calls!

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