Sacred Counterparts and Twin Flames – Source Transmission “See the Other Person’s Point of View”

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Interesting enough, when I asked Source this morning what would be a good article topic for sacred counterparts, I was guided to pull some tarot cards much as I do in my readings. The first card I pulled from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master tarot deck was “See the Other Person’s Point of View.” I knew right then that there is no better topic for someone who is either a twin flame or sacred partner in this catalytic heart awakening process of ascension that is more important right now. Given the last article I wrote last week, Twinflame Shift is Happening, Come Hell or High Water!, Divine Feminine/Masculine Balancing Beings who have been on this path for awhile are truly moving into new levels of Higher Expression. However, the strength that we find ourselves in can actually keep us separated from unity consciousness with our sacred partner if we are not watchful and careful.

Those of us who have come into a solid equilibrium between our divine feminine and masculine energy are in a very strong and satisfying place right now. But, we are cautioned by Source that we must also be cognizant of the fact by our very own strength we could put up walls which would keep us separated from our sacred counterparts. In a very real sense, if we remember to See the Other Person’s Point of View and come from a place of great compassion, we can avoid creating those walls.

Over the years those of us who have been on this path have found ourselves defending our position. Trying to explain to ourselves and others why we follow such a crazy path when it seems illogical. But in hindsight we know that all of that work has brought us to where we are right now. In our strength, we are redefining our beliefs about ourselves and our beliefs about others. That would include our sacred counterparts. And those belief structures are still being dismantled even as we stand in our own power. For when we stand in our own power, there is a tendency to call upon our ego for some of that strength.

When that happens, we build our power up to a strength that is Defensive against the counterpart. And, this is where we are being called to balance the energies of being in our own power with being able to truly See the Other Person’s Point of View. It is in this chasm that we consciously and with awareness bridge our ego and a higher self. And, doing so calls for compassion for the divine counterpart even while we stand in our own strength and power and focus on that before us.

There’s no doubt that the evolving Divine Feminine/Masculine Balancing Beings who have been on this path for quite some time are on the move and in our own power, beginning to really build something new for ourselves. We know what we want and we are very determined to get it. Being very single-minded, however, we want to be careful that we are not so focused that we miss new developments in our connections. And there is a real danger that we will be a bit insensitive to our counterparts as we claim our own moments of now and focus on things which bring us great joy and happiness. This while is always the goal can build walls if we are not careful. Once again, we need to remember to See the Other Person’s Point of View with compassion.

Let’s take a moment to See the Other Person’s Point of View. Our divine masculine and divine feminine counterparts have also been undergoing great transformation and many are at a point where the Universe is asking them to take responsibility for their lives and their great unhappiness. Source is reminding them that we make our own future by our current actions. Our counterparts may be asking themselves why things are happening the way they are. And the Source would remind them that past mistakes may have future ramifications but present actions are the most important to shaping their future. One must begin making choices that call for a happier future. And, these choices are very difficult. But Source we encourage them all to not fall into despair or despondency. For even taking no action at all, the Universe will create such pressure that change must happen. It will be just like the force of a hurricane that comes to sweep away those things that have even the most solid foundations.

This spiritual hurricane is uprooting even the oldest of trees with roots that have been entrenched for centuries. Is that not true? We all must trust the power of the universe to help the divine counterparts break their old programming. And it is this knowledge that should bring us all comfort and bring forth great compassion for our counterparts, lest we forget we also were at that same crossroads of making difficult decisions.

It may seem to us sometimes as if the sacred counterparts are taking no action. But we must know that many of these sacred counterparts are such powerful warriors that they took on some of the most incredibly ingrained programming for the patriarchal masculine that the planet has to offer in order to break them. And we are asked to try very hard to See the Other Person’s Point of View. Now is the time to champion and rally your belief in your sacred counterpart because what they have come to do is very difficult, if not downright impossible.

No matter what circumstances and hardships the sacred counterparts finds themselves in at this time, they are coming to the end of it. It is probably all that they can stand right now and this will create catalytic shifts in the heart of what they want to create with themselves that it makes it almost impossible for them to NOT make it happen. And while some of those sacred counterparts are right now asking themselves the question “Am I going to make it?” the answer is a resounding YES!

Source says our sacred counterparts and twin flames “Do not give up. Do not fear. Have faith that the tide is about to turn as new beginnings abound.” Source councils us to understand that this battle has been long and hard fought for the sacred partners. They are wary but not broken and our strength and our focus on that which we are creating and manifesting brings about great hope for those sacred counterparts who are quietly watching from the peripheral.

The truth is that the sacred counterpart is being asked a serious look at their situations and find it lacking. They can no longer ignore the call from their souls. The time for blindness is over and they must now move forward with determination. For these sacred counterparts have focused on things that have kept them from doing what in their hearts that they have longed for, for what seems like eternity! They have known what they want to do, but the Universe is ensuring that it is time for them to forge ahead. The desire to run away from the situation they find themselves in is very strong however they do need to clean up their current situation beforehand in order to move forward. And that is what we need to be aware of.

While it is not our journey, the compassion we can have for sacred counterpart is a very important part of our journey. For in that compassion we are reminded that this journey is truly about ascension and acknowledging our true multi-dimensionality. We can exist in another body at another time space but be completely unaware of it while we are focused on this particular incarnation. That doesn’t mean the other incarnations are not having problems and issues, it is just we aren’t maybe aware of any of it. So, this sacred partner, incarnation of you, is something in your consciousness. But the totality of what you do with your own path will be inextricably linked to the success of both because it is ONE energy. Ultimately all of humanity is ONE energy. This is a microcosm of the macrocosm. And you are being asked to master that in this connection.

That being the case we must understand that our sacred counterparts are at a very critical stage of their soul’s evolution or awakening. By this knowledge, may our heart open and compassionate, and may we remain on our path with that Open Heart. Seeing from our sacred counterpoint’s point of view, we can be extremely valuable at this time. However, do not mistake this as a call to focus anywhere then what is right in front of you at any given moment. This is not a call to once again refocus on your divine counterpart’s situation and circumstance. Or focus your attention outside of yourself. Let it only be a reminder that compassion, love, patience, and understanding is an energy field that we can choose to hold for our beloved. And we can focus on holding that energy during our each and every moment of now. Therefore, the beloved is not our focus but the Light that we send from our Heart Center, whilst we accomplish what we are setting out to do, is a bright beacon of hope for to illuminate the path of our counterparts.

The underlying message for both counterparts is that we are getting ready to face new and exciting challenges and we have all the tools that we need to do it. We may not be super experienced at what we were setting out to achieve but we don’t have to be. The outcome will be us creating the best that we possibly can. We are being guided to avoid overanalyzing our situations, remain in the moment of now, and let it all unfold. When we come from a place of heart and compassion in everything that we do the most amazing creations will come from it. Remain conscious, awake, and aware. And work really hard to see ALL other people’s point of view from your heart space.

We are moving into a very intense period of time. For those of us who have done a lot of work and are able to see from higher perspective points of view, we will know that the time we have waited for is fast approaching as each moment of now unfolds. If we have feelings of fear or uncertainty about what is happening, source would like us to know that all is in complete perfect order and the highest outcome is assured. So we should travel lightly in our hearts. Laugh as much as we can. Dance and sing and frolic as much as possible with each other as we are stronger together. We will all see this through, And, we will be ever so glad that we came to Earth at this period of time to celebrate its new Resonance.

And so it is.

With love, Debbie


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3 Comments on “Sacred Counterparts and Twin Flames – Source Transmission “See the Other Person’s Point of View””

  1. Waw Debbie I only discovered your blog today but it could not have been more timely!

    I was reminding myself earlier on how much I admired the resilience and stamina of my TF and how he described himself as a donkey when I asked jokingly what animal he identifies with. The answer shocked me as I find donkeys stupid. But then he said no matter how hard or what happens he never stops going forward. I then replied a donkey to me carries incredible weight and is the only animal that can climb mountains with so much weight on his shoulders!

    This conversation was short but really stirred my compassion…. but then we argued a few days after for the last time just before I reveal to him about our twin flame nature in a very bold way.

    This was the moment I hit my inner walls. We knew we had an extraterrestrial connection and a love beyond all the limits we are facing and discussed it before. We knew it was surreal and we shared sacred moments beyond words. But Up to that point I respected his slow pace and stubbornness to keep going and ignore the red flagged signs most of the time.
    The donkey metaphor stirred me so deeply, I felt the truth can maybe help him with his load.

    Lately he had a been avoiding me because the load is keeping him busy. My ego is mine as I think Know better how to be free and light in my heart. Although I share his suffering I failed to share my strength.

    Thank you for this sentence I will carry in my heart through this phase:
    He is definitely one of those :
    powerful warriors that they took on some of the most incredibly ingrained programming for the patriarchal masculine that the planet has to offer in order to break them.

    May you be blessed with more compassion for your TF. I kept sensibg I can do more, now I know how. ???

    1. Wow Tam! I am so sorry that I did not reply to your comment. For some reason, i did not see it and I really try to respond to all comments as I can! I am so glad you found my blog. I hope you subscribed so you can get my newest blogs. I just published one on co-dependence that exists in the twin flame dynamic that might be of interest. I found the information that came through very helpful in my situation. We think sometimes that we are ‘above all that’ in the twin flame connection. Not so. And it seems that it a lesson we are learning right now in various ways! Thank you so much for taking time to comment here. Much love to you!

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