Twin Flame Journey: Staying Sane as a Twin Soul

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It appears that many people who feel they are on the twin soul / twin flame journey continue to go through periods of complete unhappiness with their journey. So many people communicate—as comments on posts—their exasperation at their having this connection that they cannot seem to break. They feel “stuck” with their twin. Many individuals express the feeling of imprisonment in this dynamic because they cannot seem to live with their twin and cannot seem to live without them either.

For anyone who has been on the twin flame journey for any length of time, those feeling are completely understandable and should not even be referred to as “getting stuck.” If you are genuinely a twin flame / twin soul, it is absolute fact that there truly is no getting away from the person. They are YOU. So how can you get away from them? The biggest question for most at that point is this: “Is this person really my twin?” That is because this person being in your life can drive you so crazy that you want to run away and hide! A very prevalent condition that many on the twin path are dealing with right now.

Only you can answer that question, “Is this my twin?” You will have to go into your knowing. No one can really do that for you. However, if you have gone into your knowing and found that the answer is probably “yes,” it may be time to ask yourself, “What is making me feel that way?”

The first thing you should do is to be completely honest with yourself. Have been focusing too much on the other person? Think about it. Are you over-focusing on what they are doing? Are you constantly thinking about how they are behaving or measuring the connection at every turn? Are you focusing on their journey and the shifts you believe they need to make rather than your own?  If the answer to any of those questions is ”Yes” then THAT is what makes you feel the way you do in the first place.

It is true with anything in life. If we focus on something outside of ourselves and make it very important to us, when things do not go the way we WANT them to, we get unhappy. So is it any wonder if you are focusing on the other person that you become unhappy when they are not following the “game plan”? Too often in this journey, we focus on our interactions with them, how they make us feel, what their life is about and what they are doing.

Throughout the groups, there seem to be lot of people focusing on questions like, “How should I know when it is time to reach out to my twin,” and “what’s it going to be like to have sex with my twin after a couple of months of dating.” This is all OUTER focus.

I don’t know how many times this needs to be said. If there is truly a twin soul connection or a destined connection, it cannot be broken so STOP focusing on it. Focus elsewhere. All the time. Only focus on that person when they come into your moment of NOW. Truth is, you are fated to spend time with that person or you are not. Let them go. This is the true meaning of faith. You have to stop trying to control the situation. Focus on your own self and meeting your own needs. You will never, and I repeat never, come into full divine union of any kind until you are standing in your full wholeness.

When you have gone through the process of letting go of all the obstacles that stand in your way of showing up as your unique authentic self, you are whole. This means you are able to stand in your own power and your own truth. This means you can enjoy the connection with the other person as they come into and out of your moment of NOW in complete peace and joy. You can allow that person to be their complete selves in any given moment.

Until you can say you are honestly there, you will NOT be with your twin or any other sacred partner in the type of union you seek. It simply is not possible. Now that does not mean, of course, that you cannot have 3D relationships with others—or even your twin for that matter. Just expect those relationships to offer you up all kinds of triggers as homework assignments for release! That is often a big part of the process. Unless you make resolving those triggers and letting go of old belief patterns your highest intention, you will not be coming into sacred union anytime soon. That is reality. Coming into wholeness is a process.

One of the things that Source has been advising strongly for most on the twin soul / twin flame journey is to really focus on uncovering what you are here to do. What skills, talents and abilities did you come here with? What do you do differently than everyone else? If you know what you love to do, start doing it! If you love to write, write. If you love to draw, draw. If you love to paint, paint. Focus on what you love to do and that which brings you your highest excitement. THAT is how you focus on YOU. Then it will not matter to you WHO is your twin, or if you have one!

In summary, when you find yourself frustrated with your situation, questioning your sanity or just feeling stressed out about your twin flame journey, please try to remember to focus on yourself more. Focus on your highest excitement in any given moment, even if that moment is time you do have with your twin. That is probably the single most important message you can receive at this time. You cannot break the bond you have with that person if he or she is your twin. What you can do, is immediately turn your attention to something YOU want to do right now that has nothing to do with your twin. That has everything to do with YOU and your life RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

~Written with Love and Light by Debbie DuBois

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