September Update Part 2 Unattaching, 3rd vs. 5th dimensional realty

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Here is Part Two of the video I did a few days ago. Find out how important the unattaching process at this time and why! This is not just for relationships. This is for everything, although it is my personal opinion that relationships are really for the base chakra, basic needs, final onion layer types of attachments. Once gone, you … Read More

Stuck in Twin Flame Land?

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I am so very inspired to be writing this today. In the moment of NOW, I knew it was time to “unpack” the modules of information that I have downloaded over the past two weeks. A couple nights ago, Keleena Malnar and I connected for several hours and shared a Source download session from Higher Guidance. The guidance she received … Read More

Loving Self Through Pain

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There are those who counsel thus: Pain tells you that you are doing something wrong. I do not agree. I think of pain (and other unpleasant feelings) as a guidance system to tell me that I can do something that would make me feel better. In fact, if it shows up for me, I know it’s RIGHT because it is … Read More

Release the Pain

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The only purpose for pain in any relationship is to learn how to let go of it and allow the divine to unfold without interfering. Pain is just a way to let us know there is something to release, such as an idea of how things should be or the need for certain behaviors from the other. Let it all … Read More