September Update Part 2 Unattaching, 3rd vs. 5th dimensional realty

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Here is Part Two of the video I did a few days ago. Find out how important the unattaching process at this time and why! This is not just for relationships. This is for everything, although it is my personal opinion that relationships are really for the base chakra, basic needs, final onion layer types of attachments. Once gone, you are FREE.

When you no longer stand in fear, you are no longer able to be controlled by something outside of you. Perfect example I was discussing with a friend today. As parents, when you unattach from your children it is not that you don’t love them. It is that you stop fearing something bad is going to happen to them. You stop fearing that they are going to go “off track” or “do things wrong” or get hurt. You let them go to be the amazing beings they are and love them through their path and journey, guiding from a place of love instead of fear. That is what a good parent is. So you can see why unattaching is necessary then for 5D relationship and 5D living. You can’t take it with you…that is very true in this case!! Enjoy!

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