Divine Masculine Twin Flames 1-11-11 2018 Portal Tarot Reading

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divine masculine twin flames

The cards speak again loudly at this mid-month of January 2018 divine masculine twin flames tarot reading. Not only is it a powerful day 1-11-11, amazing portal energies, but this reading really tells us just where the DM is at in his process. And it FEELS right. There is much to be encouraged by so take time to find out … Read More

URGENT Tarot Reading Message (Video) for TF Divine Feminine 12-29-17

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When spirit almost yells at me to record a “system wide” tarot reading after I pull cards, I’m going to listen! I could not believe how important these cards felt when I pulled them for myself two nights ago. The passion with which the energy is delivered to me during this tarot reading was profound. And what is very strange … Read More

Tarot Reading and Monthly Energy Report for Twin Flames DF/DM

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In this December Tarot Reading and Energy Report, we are taking more of a quantum approach to presenting information. And, though this video has been uploaded at a specific time-space, this video is not only for this specific time period. Yes, there some references to the period of time-space we are currently in, but information brought through is intended to … Read More

Ode to the Catalytic Heart Awakening

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In this moment of NOW I attune my Heart to Gratitude Thankful for all this Path has shown me For the glimpse of higher dimension existence Along with potentials for all encompassing LOVE That glimpse gave me something to aim for In my awakening and ascension process Providing the avid motivation To stay the course To remain on target Encouraging … Read More

November Energy Report and Twin Flame Tarot Reading 2017 – YouTube

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In this November Energy Report, we are being asked to use our strengthening source connection to manifest. What is involved in the manifestation and how does this help our catalytic heart connections? Watch now and find out! So much work has been done to get to this point. Coming into our own power has not been easy and has taken … Read More

Don’t get STUCK in Crazy Heart Connection Energies!

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heart connection

It is TRUE. I have delved into serious soul work over the past couple of years relating to heart connection, identifying and releasing programs and false belief systems–yes more “stuff” that stood between me and my highest ability to connect with Higher Self and All That Is. The many integrations I have made as I “unpack” this knowledge on heart … Read More

A Higher Perspective on the Runner-Chaser Dynamic in Twin Flame / Catalytic Heart Connections

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Yesterday moved me further along in my creative expression when inspired to search through three hours of audio for a concept that was spotlighted on our radio show, Vibrations of Love. At the time I knew it was a very inspired transmission that was brought through from Source about the true purpose of what is termed the Runner-Chaser Dynamic in … Read More

Creative Expression and Abundance In the Higher Vibrations

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creative expression

Everyone comes in with a creative expression that is the foundation for spiritual mission. The number of spiritual missions are as varied as the number of souls on the planet. The reason there are so many different kinds of spiritual missions is that we are all “One,” experiencing itself from unlimited perspectives. If we all had the same perspective, what … Read More