10 Sign of an Awakened “Twin”

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1. You’ve lived it and are no longer in pain 😂 2. You’ve grown so much that your perspective becomes so high that everything makes sense. 3. You can laugh at just about anything 4. You are in joy most of the time with or without the “twin” 5. You no longer have things that trigger you into pain and … Read More

The Purpose of Catalytic Heart Awakening, Twin Flame Ascension Path

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Source Answers the question: What is the purpose of the catalytic heart awakening twin flame ascension path. To all those who have embarked on the sacred heart path, which we shall define here as such: Anyone who has a high motivational quotient for being “in love” and has been catalyzed in some form or fashion into an awakened heart awareness. … Read More

Twin Flame Journey: Staying Sane as a Twin Soul

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It appears that many people who feel they are on the twin soul / twin flame journey continue to go through periods of complete unhappiness with their journey. So many people communicate—as comments on posts—their exasperation at their having this connection that they cannot seem to break. They feel “stuck” with their twin. Many individuals express the feeling of imprisonment in … Read More

Keeping it Loose

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When I created my most recent video, Venus Retro on 8-31-15, about “un-attaching”, a good friend of mine from the Netherlands messaged me. He told me he enjoyed the video and it got him thinking that there is a Dutch word he likes to use rather than any form of attach. The terms he prefers is “los houden,” which means to “keep it loose.” … Read More

Heart Awakenings and Connection

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I am called to share a new download of information today with the twin flame community. Actually, this message is specifically for those people who have been experiencing heart awakening and ended up in the online twin flame community looking for explanations. Again, I will reiterate what I have personally been shown by Source to be true: There are a … Read More

Loving Self Through Pain

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There are those who counsel thus: Pain tells you that you are doing something wrong. I do not agree. I think of pain (and other unpleasant feelings) as a guidance system to tell me that I can do something that would make me feel better. In fact, if it shows up for me, I know it’s RIGHT because it is … Read More


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  Complete and utter surrender is only possible when you love your self fully so that you can open your heart. Until then you will hold back your inner heart particularly from your beloved who is you. You will know you are on the right path to self love when you find yourself fully surrendering to your beloved. That is because … Read More